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4-12-2014 HD XR1200 Crash damage repair.

5-12-2014 - Buell XB front tyre change. Harley Davidson XR1200 Crash damage repair.

Buell Xb9S, very nice bike, front tyre change.


Buell Xb9S, the stock exhaust on of the very few you can put a jack under ( look for the indicated jacking points on the exhaust ) some stiff foam will protect the coating.


Buell Xb9S, front fender off.


Buell Xb9S, axle pich bolts loose.


Buell Xb9S, can't  but still i hear people trying the wrong way , front axle loose.


Buell Xb9S, caliper bolts out.


Buell Xb9S, position the wheel so the caliper is between the spokes , turn the lower end off the right fork a little and take the caliper out.


Buell Xb9S, alway check the bearings !!! if you have a wheel out , common problem these fail premature.


Buell Xb9S, i think still the original tyre  11 year old now.


Buell Xb9S, new tyre on, wheel back on, slip the axle in , some times you need to guide the right bottom end a little, the axle threads can cross thread very easy.


Buell Xb9S, tighten the front axle.


Buell Xb9S, lock tite on the front caliper bolts.


Buell Xb9S, and torx to 50Nm don't over tighten these , the aluminium can compress from the lower leg, making the screws bind.


Buell Xb9S, pressurise the front brake, you want no surprice when you pull the brake the first time.


Buell Xb9S, front fender back on, low grade loctite will prevent corrosion and hold them, use the nylon washers.. on all the body panels. they are just not tight enough with out as these screws have a recess made for use with the nylon rings.


Buell Xb9S, back on his wheels... press the front suspention down a few times, so the left front fork can set on the axle, and there is no tension ( the front suspention can bind ) 


Buell Xb9S, and tighten the axle pinch bolts.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, tapped the left mirror, but enough to loose control and crash on the right side , customer is really handy so we do only some specific things ,to get the bike riding in a secure way , foot peg bracket is loose.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, left mirror , multi focus version.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, much better.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, the bar end indicator right side was broken,


XR1200, unfortunate crash, the holding brass bolt is broken.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, lucky they where not in that tight ,and i could turn the collar out.


XR1200, unfortunate crash..  i know i had a new bolt some where, little modification , making flat head screw diver slots in it, much easier to mount it.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, collar back in , wires connected, and tightening the collar.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, right foot peg bracket. bolt bend / and broken. usually happens when a XR goose down, the bracket it self is about bullit proof.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, as the alarm light did work, but the right indicator switch needed some strange pushing.. little check, the indicator switch pivot has broken, i will leave this for the customer.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, 1 bolt came out bend.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, the other one was broken.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, normally i don't like people lubing these bolts, but now, because the copper slip, i can tap out the bolt , and don't need to drill it out.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, broken end out.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, cleaning the threads.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, and new bolts back in.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, customer also asked to replace his idle air controller, and it was giving error codes , and sometimes a not stable idle , fuel cell needs to come of , removing the cover screws.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, rear bolt out , and front bolt holding the fuel cell.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, fuel pump connector loose.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, antistatic ground wire off.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, and pump quick release loose.


XR1200, unfortunate crash,and fuel cell off.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, lucky me, one off the bolts holding the iac broke.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, the other one came out in one piece, looks like HD has had this problem before, 4 new screws come in the kit , 2 long and 2 short ones.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, now the broken end was flush with the housing, so making room, and remove the IAC.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, covering the open holes to the air intake and drilling a little starter hole.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, 0,5 mm bigger drill ( just a little smaller than the thread drill size , and the broken piece came out half way.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, broken 10-32 end.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, cleaning the threads, our box off taps and dies has earned the investment back a long time ago.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, new IAC finaly on , we see these fail more often


XR1200, unfortunate crash,, little something i did see some problems with on the XR1200 owners forum , check the throttle butterfly screws !! with every thing off , easy to do , on most XR i check these , this was the first one screw was loose.


XR1200, unfortunate crash,, the loose screw can cause a lot off problems, throttle shaft breaking by the un-supported butterfly is one , the intake vacuum is making violent pulses.


XR1200, unfortunate crash,, so red loctite and crew back in, the other screw was still tight.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, fuel cell back on and HPA air box back on.


XR1200, unfortunate crash, hooking up the fuel pump , and putting back the cover.