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14-5-2015 Uly time, and little jobs

16-5-2015 - Uly time, my own bike needed a little love, as the last ride i could here desturbing noises from the front wheel, i think she felt a little neglected,


Uly time, carbon upper fender removed, and lower fender off, front end in the support, a swing at the front wheel... yep bearings gone.


Uly time, so pinch bolts loose and axle out.


Uly time, brake caliper off , becarefull not to damage the spokes.


Uly time, it sounded like the bearings where loosing balls , all are still in, but worn out.


Uly time, bilnd bearing puller.


Uly time, i use our press and a drift to push out the bearings from the other side.


Uly time, how much wheel bearings do we do...well about 120 a year.


Uly time, press in the disk side first , as the wheel alines to the right front leg , so this bearing needs to be seated to the races , use flat dies to support the inner and outer race.


Uly time, wheel turned around , spacer in, hardly never the spacer is the correct lenght for the bearings races to the wheel , usualy a little longer, and that is ok as long as you press the bearing in right.


Uly time, with the die left in on the disk side and supported, spacer in press in the other side bearing again using a die witch supports the inner and outer race, this way you can not press in the bearing under to much tension.


Uly time, if all done correctly the bearings turn nice and smooth and you can just move the spacer pushing it with a finger ( little tension on the spacer )


Uly time, wheel back in.


Uly time, thighten the axle.


Uly time, and tighten the caliper bolts with a some loctite.


Uly time, 50 NM don't over tighten these, i have seen the mounting holes crack.


Uly time, lower fender back on, use the rubber to secure the brake line.


Uly time, high fender, use never seas to the mounting point in the head light !!! more than ones i see these seased , and become a pain to remove / loosen.


Uly time, non sholder bolt for the carbon and washers to support and line out.


Uly time, load the front end a few times to set the forks.


Uly time, and fasten the pinch bolts.


Uly time. eeeh shall i check the rear to ... might as well do.


Uly time, axle looe and out.


Uly time, belt with 30.000 i see a little ware but nothing really bad.


Uly time, the rear bearings did not felt ok, so replaced theme to.


Xb9s clonking out off gear, after test riding first thing was to check all the joints and make the shifter arm more even to the hinge joint, already feels allot better now, need a other test ride.


XB9, customer wanted to have a look at the front brake lever, as he could pull it to the handle bar easy, and he could not get it better with bleeding, indeed feels a little mushie , but looking at the lever, looks bend.


XB9s, checking the lever, i think i found the mushie feeling, one side off the hinge is broken , will put a new one on, already felt allot better.


XB9s , will check the fluid to, but the cap screws where very tight... slipped out on 1 scew.. dham.


XB9S, drilling off the head.


XB9s, with the head off usualy you can remove the left over with your fingers.. blet the system, and brake feels good now.