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15-5-2015 Xb 12 some love and care.

16-5-2015 - Front fork seals and more.

XB12 in for some tlc, very nice paint job.


XB12 TLC, very nice paint.


XB12 TLC, ok stop drooling, and oil drain , the bike would not run very well, one off the reasons it came in.


XB12 TLC, i noticed also the oil drain plug was leaking a little, not sure what the last mechanic did ,but the plug felt a little damages, will put a thread chager in.


XB12 TLC, and clean up the plug, feels much ebtter now, some hydro loctite and will be perfect ( do not tighten the plug according what the manual tell you, way to tight !! )


XB12 TLC, bike was running on 1,5 cylinders, even after a few time clean spark mode done, it would not run nicely on bought, so out with the old, and in with new ones.


XB12 TLC, nice bikes douse not mean they play easy on me , torq head was acting up, needed to use some tools to get it out.


XB12 TLC, primairy tension perfect.


XB12 TLC, nice painted wheels and pulley , rear bearings still ok.


XB12 TLC, i will put a new screw in, i don't like to make surprices for the next mechanic who will work on this bike.


XB12 TLC, aribox cover off for the rear sparkplug.


XB12 TLC, handy pair off pliers to pull of the rear spark plug cable.


XB12 TLC, rear plug looks also bad.


XB12 TLC, something i noted to , the front engine mount bolt is toughing the crash bar , only lightly, but the engine rubber is still new.


XB12 TLC, K&N filter in and airbox cover can be closed again.


XB12 TLC, time to swap aroung to check the fron tend.


XB12 TLC, little things that are odd , axle sticking out a little to far.


XB12 TLC, nicely half nackerd pinch bolts.


XB12 TLC, and needed the breaker bar to loosen the axle.


XB12 TLC, bearings are in so tight i cannot spin theme by hand, sure thing to failure premature.


XB12 TLC, some nice and fresh bearing back in, pressed correctly, spinning by finger , and spacer can be moved by pushing on it.


XB12 TLC, front axle back in nice and greasy.


XB12 TLC, front fender screws with purple loctite, ( lightweight )


XB12 TLC, 6 mm allen key used ?? :-X


XB12 TLC, i will put some nice ones in.


XB12 TLC, also fresh tyres where mounted, Dunlop the new sportsmarts, front looks strange,, really low shoulder and the tyre is very round , you be a hero if you get this tyre to the egde.


XB12 TLC, refersh the brakes fluid , has been a while.


XB12 TLC, fresh fluid in.


XB12 TLC, bike came in also with request for fuel mapping for the remus exhaust, but the ecm was still very old firmware , the later firmware is really better keeping the engine cooler ( cooling fan workings change, so we replace the ecm for a core from us , and we ask out HD dealer to reflash these for us.


XB12 TLC, swapping ecm best done with the battery cables off , you see how close the spanner needs to be to the positive terminal !


XB12 TLC, ok ready to run... bosy work back on, a pitty the paint had no time to cure before it was mounted, you see the markings from the screws.


XB12 TLC, chin spoiler back with loctite on the screws.


XB12 TLC, fuel mapping updated , and she runs, nicely.


XB12 TLC, setting the suspention to weight , and test ride.


XB12 TLC, and she is ready again fir the customer.


test riding the xb9 shifting problems the front seal has started to leak.. dham.. will replace this.