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4-11-2015 XB12SS in for some Love and lowering it

5-11-2015 - What did we do today 4-11-2015 XB12SS in for some Love and lowering it

very nice XB12SS in for service, lowering and repairs

XB12SS, TLC, just a quick look around to have a view what needs to be done, brass nut pulled out off the right airscoop

XB12SS, TLC, greasy cooling fan , and 2007 model.. rocker cover gaskets are leaking

XB12SS, TLC, engine was idleling high for the tps setting... cheking intake seals... yep it reacts , vacuum cap is on , but we need to rotated the engine anyway, so not much extra work

XB12SS, TLC, clutch cable holder is broken, will replace this for the new model bracket

XB12SS, TLC, on with the service , out with the old, in with the new oil


XB12SS, TLC, while the bike is draining, i start to strip for the engine rotation, clutch cable loose


XB12SS, TLC, scoops off and , v-brace loose

XB12SS, TLC, gearbox oil back in, and adjusting the clutch , 1/4 turn loose from just toughing


XB12SS, TLC, engine oil back in , foot peg bracket off


XB12SS, TLC, lift the rear to remove the wheel and check belt and pully


XB12SS, TLC, wheel bearings rear have had there best times... with a new tyre mounted resently , they will not last untill the next , best to replace these


XB12SS, TLC, fresh set off bearings in


XB12SS, TLC, and rear wheel back on the bike , TQ the axle to 66 NM


XB12SS, TLC, belt starts to show wear marks, but will do for now

XB12SS, TLC, checking and adjusting the primary chain tension


XB12SS, TLC, prepping for engine rotation, with some help you don't always have to remove the exhaust


XB12SS, TLC, stripping the top side


XB12SS, TLC, connectors and fuel line disconnected


XB12SS, TLC, and take off the throttle cables out the handle


XB12SS, TLC, engine rotated to the sweet spot ( where you can reach all the rocker cover bolts ) looking at the messy fan


XB12SS, TLC, defenaly was leaking


XB12SS, TLC, with the old model orange gaskets


XB12SS, TLC, the new upgraded black gaskets on, take care off the head temp sensor wire , and tighten the rocker box screws


XB12SS, TLC, with the engine down... remove the intake manifold


XB12SS, TLC, you see where it did not seal very good


XB12SS, TLC, cleaning up the manifold, and replace the tps wire as it has been chewed


XB12SS, TLC, and i put on a new vacuum port cap before this one will descinigrate completely


XB12SS, TLC, manifold back on, tighten the flanges evenly so the seals will go on straight

XB12SS, TLC, engine back up and some neverseas on the front mount bolt

XB12SS, TLC, for mounting the bolt it helps with alingment to press the bolt in halfway and than lift the engine up further , so you can start the bolt turning by hand

XB12SS, TLC, new clutch cable bracket on

XB12SS, TLC, bike need to be lowered... well we have something easy for this and can be revered very easy to , but will need to remove the shock


XB12SS, TLC, as this one is also greased up by the leaking rockerbox gasket, will clean this to

XB12SS, TLC, as we needed to remove the shock anyway... very little trouble for me to clean up the oily mess, by removing the fan

XB12SS, TLC, carefull cleaning, don't want to dunk it in the degreaser and ruwn the bearings

XB12SS, TLC, easy acces now smile-emoticon

XB12SS, TLC, with shock press removing the oem spring holder

XB12SS, TLC, and putting back the lowering ring , make sure the cut out is over the rebound adjusting screw. lowering ring can be found here:

XB12SS, TLC, after cleaning put the fan back. the connector is always a bit fidely to press it back in


XB12SS, TLC, fan back in , and shock can be mounted back


XB12SS, TLC, connecting the throttle cables

XB12SS, TLC, and the rest under the "bonnet"


XB12SS, TLC, as we removed the idle cable, reset the tps


XB12SS, TLC, and testing for the intake seal repair before we go any further... shw runs nice smile-emoticon


XB12SS, TLC, so rest off the intake can be mounted back


XB12SS, TLC, rear is low... still the front to do


XB12SS, TLC, pesky little brass nuts , with a plier i could unscrew it

XB12SS, TLC, little dab off 2 compound epoxy


XB12SS, TLC, and press the insert back in , whipe off the spillings


XB12SS, TLC, use neverseas on these little screws



XB12SS, TLC, and finger tight

XB12SS, TLC, time to do the front end supported under the engine

XB12SS, TLC, 1 out 1 to go

XB12SS, TLC, the bearings are shot , need to replace these to

XB12SS, TLC, unscrewed the top cap and with tool pressin the spring to unscrew the top cap

XB12SS, TLC, i will shorten the proload tubes with 20 mm to bring the front end down... iff you are a track tiger not adviseble as you basicly lower the preload , but with a lightweight rider for normal road use not really a issue

XB12SS, TLC, cut and deburred put the tube back with the holes on the top side

XB12SS, TLC, i like to index the rebound adjuster to max settings , point matching and flat to the surface, looks much better and you will have full adjustment range

XB12SS, TLC, with the rebound needle adjuster to max, screw it in the damper untill it bottoms, and lock the lock nut to the cap

XB12SS, TLC, brake line insode or out side, match the protective tape to the brake line routing

XB12SS, TLC, new front wheel bearings in

XB12SS, TLC, wheel back in , and cleaning off the copper slip... put some loctite on the caliper bolts , seen theme come out to often wink-emoticon

XB12SS, TLC, back on it feet... xb12 SSlow ... no not really slow wink-emoticon XB12SSSCG .. naaa xb12 long low .. owell the customer will have his bought feet firm on the ground now smile-emoticon

XB12SS, TLC, fresh brake fluid for the front brake

XB12SS, TLC, the lever feels a little crunchy, and is dry


XB12SS, TLC, a little cleaning and some grease... will feel like new again


XB12SS, TLC, rear brake fuild flush


XB12SS, TLC, and setting the suspention , as the rebound felt a little to heavy , will check with test ride smile-emoticon