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24-11-2016 XB12X Winter service and upgrades

8-12-2016 - 24-11-2016 Buell XB12X Winter service and Exhaust update and tuning

Uly is a long way from home, staying with us this winter, full check up and TQ hammer / fuel mapping

after a test ride , drain the oils

and clutch mechnism out

drain plugs cleaned and fresh o-rings and hydro loctite and back in

missing screw... these need loctite

mnnnn strange belt , is smaller than stock ( normal one )

old oil filter off

and fresh one on

loosening the clutch cable adjsuter , so we cn adjust the mechnism

fresh gearbox oil in

mnn bike has done only 16000 km... but had a hard life thread pulled out the cover , been repaired with a helicoil

side stand sound like a old barn door...

with some sticky lube , the only use for the Bardahl chain lube we have ;-) perfect the for the sid stand

inspecting the rear wheel the caliper needs to come off ... omg these bolts are tight on

little better when hot, not much loctite , more normal corrosion

pinch bolt loose

and the breaker bar was needed to loosen the rear axle

mnnn belt is starting to crack

will not take long before it will start riping off theeth, i try to contact the customer for replacement

wheel bearings are almost shot.. i replace these now be for they become a problem

indicator was already the neutral switch was acting up some times.. the resistance on the switch is indeed to high

with the wheel out, belt off, easy to replace it

thin walles 5/8 high socket and you can replace the switch..take care off the crush washer

with the new switch ... perfect again

fresh rubber and bearings , wheel can go back in

clean up the rear caliper bolts with a tread chager

and do this also on the bracket , and ,out it with a light coating neverseas

prmairy chain is way to loose

left ariscoop off... the screws are not playing easy on this bike

need to give my pliers more room to block and hold the insert , wil trow away the old chewed up heads

other sise to ... dham

loosening the w-brace gives more potential to try and loosen the tread insert

sheees al these screw are heavy corroded

holding the inserts is the only way not to spin theme out in the brace

customer aske us also to checl the front engine bolt, and lube it before it corrodes tight

cleaning the thread

and coat theme with never seas

and some freh screws in

front plug replace ment from below

and removing the stock exhaust

the rear strap are placed unhappy, so we need to remove the idler bracket

and loosen the right foot peg bracket to remove the brace ( on a uly )

now we can remove it

taking off the connecting cable exhaust valve

rear spark pug and airfilter

this one is mucho plenty dirty.. i put a new one in later

front plug wire is been rubbing

normaly i bind in the exhaust servo motor cable , but this one is loosly monted, i remove this completely

side stand off for the exhaust brakcer

side stand bolts... these should have been loctite on

preassemble the TW hammer

and sliding on the exhaust on the header

all stainless hardware, lube it , as it will freez when mounted dry

and turn the exhaust tup the way you lige

rear mounted no tighten the front clamps

tap the tension out the front connection , and tighen the clamp

double checl the side stand is not hitting

rear plug changes airfilter base plate cleaned and new filter on

as we could very easy remove the remote cable for the exhaust valve , i take it off completely

and because we turn off the working in the ecm we can also remove the solinoid it self

the cable is connected left side under the seat

take the connector apart and you can pull it out the cabel harness

cleaner lighter = better , you would not see it anymore with the cover on ;-)

i noticed during the test ride the horn was ratteling...

i take a look under there... nice repair is made counter sunk screws and thread tapped bigger ( the 10-32 thread will go out very quick in the aluminium

horn has been ratteling against the cover

i turn it to the side , to give the horn more clearance tot the flyscreen

swapped the bike aroung.. time for the front end

aaaah redloctite on the fender screws... heating up the screws before you chew theme up ( very easy to do so )

front wheel loose

brake caliper... here neverseas instead off grease

front wheel bearings are also not nice.. so i will replace these aswell

and the front forks out for the oil change