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23-9-2016 XB12SS small check up, XB12R from DE

4-10-2016 - What did we do today 23-9-2016: Buell XB12SS small check up, Buell XB12R from Germany trouble shooting, Buell X1 front fork legs

XB12 SS in for a smal maintenace 

oil drain... i love those twist away exhaust tips ;-) 

chin spoiler is about to give up completly will leave it off , before it ends on the road some where 

old filter off 

new one on, primed and finger wet the o-ring , hand tight 

checking the belt on wear 

nearly there, i suspect it will hold to the next service, but adiviced to check it after a few 1000 km , just to be on the safe side 

rear wheel out to check the bearings 

these are still ok 

check the primairy chain , also good 

moving on to the front...

these feel crunchie .. i will replace these

new bearings in, and front wheel back in the bike

caliper tq to specs

i coulg feel a little knock in the steering head, while the front is stil lifted, loosen the lower leg clamps 

remove the handle bar, loosen the pich bolt and loosen and retighten the steering head to get enough preload on the bearings

brake fluid change 

don't forget the rear , heating up for oil level check.. and she is good to go

trouble XB12r alarm is playing up.. fuel pump cut off was already reconnected, but still the ecm will not power up

usely there is also a cut made in the kill switch wires , a quick look behind the head light and i could see the extra cut made 

isolation off , wires properly solderd ... that is not the problem... the alarm system is :-X 

reconnected the wires normaly 

bike still would not start.. even with clutch pulled in , not very common the neutral switch and the clutch switch are bought not working good... to check hot wired the clutch switch connector

and key on ecm powers up, and starts 

nice colours btw 

X1 forks 

the front fender spacers are crushed i will put new ones on to keep the fender off the new legs 

as you see the fender is also rubbing hard

to get the caliper off as the brake pads are about seized i loosen the disk

and so i can remove the caliper , need to clean this , brake pads are gone too

wheel out ,, axle got a little stuck.. will clean this up

left let out, relative easy

ok right one

needed to hack away the corrosion to get the leg out.. you see how much this was corroded 

new leg... one off the last left ones 

blasted and powder coated the headlght brackets to start fresh

for the left leg... last outer tube availeble new.. no complete one left.. so need to rebuild the left leg

i taped up the leg, so the corrosion will not mess up the complete workshop ... top cap off 

silder out, cleaned, new bushings and seals ready to assemble 

bought legs back in

the front wheel needed new bearings and fresh front tyre...cleaned up the axle and the spacers , little grease on

and wheel back in —

cleaned caliper back on, with new pads , the disk can be tightened again 

indicators on the ears 

and head light back on

new spacers for the front fender

better, will not rubb anymore to the front leg 

flyscreen wellnuts hard to put theme back in when they are tighened

best to mount theme from the rear and pry the rubber trought the hole with a non scratching tool

fase 1 complete :-)