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10-8-2016 X1 Customising, XB cutch problem

2-9-2016 - 10-8-2016 Buell X1 Customising , Buell XB cutch problem , Buell X1 brake

ok on where we left off, original triple t out , and handle bars off

i leave the lower bearing on the orginal triple t, hard to remove and reuse, normaly you destroi it , putting a new bearing on the new custom triple much easyer 

forks out, and cleaning... as we are going to mount progressive springs

top end off.. about the same as XB, but no spring preload

and a dish to lock the preload tube 

springs out, note the differance , is for the X1 a big improvement in handeling 

off course with a little protection the cap nut stays nice

custom triple t in, forks and powder coated head light brackets

nice, starting to look like some thing 

new brake master from the dual disk brake kit

nice , adaptors and brembo 4 pot calipers 

checking the alinement , before i fasten everything... spot on 

as the thread in the calipers is much stronger than the brackets to the front legs, for service loosen the caliper bolts , i fasten the adaptor bolts with red loctite

fitting the brake lines, carefull not to loose the rubber seal on these type off brake lines 

carbon fender on , stainless hardware , brake lines fitted... this is going to stop hard !!

i really tried... but this carbon overlay is rubbish .. already gounded off the sides so it would fit more easy, but the ignition switch threads would not even come through the plate... i can mount it , but it will look like crap ... no sorry 

original dash it is , off course stainless hardware 

nice indicastors on, and flyscreen back on

some off the fuel tank cover well nut have seen there best days.. i will put some new ones on

there is a saying , custom parts never fit...
but with a big tool box you, can make most work... retapping the brake cylinder mount so the mirror will fit again

the frame hole plugs in 

and she is ready for test ride :-) , she was already a very nice X1... with the mods done, she is even nicer, and will brake much better 

Xb with clutch problems... comming in like this cable ok 

next thing to look for... primairy cover ... dham never seen this break off on a 2010 model , i suspect the clutch is not adjusted properly , as the newer covers are better than the old ones

so striping... shifter off , and oil out 

remove the clutch cable bracket at the front and pull the cable out 

with the cable straight you can unscrew it from the cover , with less change the isolation will start to leak 

tensioner shoe out

preping the new cover with a new shifter seal, and scrweing in the chain tensioner

check for the broken off pieces, all came out here, new gasket on 

and tighten the cover starting in the middle and spiral out

clutch cable back in 

oil back to level and clutch mechanisme adjsuted, properly

loctire on the shift lever bolt 

and pushing the clutch cable back trought the triple 

checking and adjusting the primairy chain tension, and she is ready to go...

X1 finishing service.. brake caliper bolts felt a little hard to turn.. will remvoe the old loctite , that was collected on the threads

o yes... 5mm allen... is not going to work here

supported the caliper and with a impact screwdriver and a t40 bit luckaly it came loose 

front axle little loctite on

and hold the axle when you tighten it... pinch bolts fasten after pushing down the suspention a few time to set the forks on the axle 

front brake fluid ... has been a while 

little cleaning and fesh fluid in

and cleaning the anvil on the master and pivot points feels so much better

rear brake light switch replaced , as the old one did not work anymore 

and i will replace the fluid :-X i think it is needed