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28-10-2016 M2 Dyno, XB12SX fuel pomp, XB 88CI

16-11-2016 - 28-10-2016 M2 Dyno, XB12SX fuel pomp, XB88 starting to build

M2 hooked up to the dyno to see the mixture

and second 10 km cycle to heat up the bike slowly , runs good , a little fat, about 13,5 AF will let here cool a little

So XB12SX fuel pump, clean way to drain is using the fuel line ( if the pump still works a good option )

and with diagnostics program do a fuel pomp test, this will make the pump run ,( you can also hot wire the fuel pump connector , and make a ground connection )

bike in the hoist as i want to loosen the swing arm

3e 10 km heat cycle done ( running from left to right to day )

rear wheel out , i find this the easiest , as putting back the swing arm axle with the wheel in can be a crime

the place where the battery is moved to , little Lithium cell

rear shock mount loose

right foot peg bracket removed, and pinch bolt loose

and swingarm axle out, same size as the wheel axles

left footpeg bracket off to get to the fuel pump

fuel line loose, it will spill a little left over fuel out the line

and remove the 4 bolts holding the fuel pump

looking at the grease some one has sone this before, more and more reson i should check the pomp out

put some washer on 1 off the pump mounting bolts and screw it in the middle off the cover , so you can use this as leverage

fuel pump out

c-clip off and plastic cover off , wile officialy buell did not give any part numbers to the fuel filter or pump... we can get some spare parts for these ;-)

fuel hose clamp removed and loosend now pulling off the pump

new pump in place

hose connection back on with new clamp

pump conenctor bac on and mount the 2 grounds ( green wires ) to the holder

with the 1125 some times a issue as the use the same construction the lowlevel sensor is not grounded enough

pump turned so the plastic shroud fits, slide the assembly a lttle forward the slide the cover in the hole

and put the lock clip on

and screw the last screw in to block the shroud

new o-rings... the pump defenaly has been out already , as they mounted it with 03-09 xb o-rings ( brown ) for the 2010 models the stock o-rings where red silicone ... i use our replacement o-rings as the stock ones are no longer availeble from HD

swing arm a little to the side and sliding the pump back in the frame

we put some slicone grease on the o-rings use the 4 mounting bolts to pull the pump in the frame evenly

swing arm axle back in

and set it to 66NM

and tighten the pinch bolt

belt back on

and foot peg plate back on

rearwheel in

this also to 66 Nm

and rear shock mount bolt back in

hooking up the external battery

prime the pump a few times and 80psi ... good

running is better already...

ok last 10 km done

need to adjust the carb a little.. will be next week and make a Dyno rum to see how much this puppy makes... she feels power full :-)

ok just a little... XB88 end gear pulled in

c-clip back on, note there is 1 shallow side on the ring this needs to be outside

so the rings locks good in the recces in the case