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Oldtimer TLC, a little love for the RR1200

27-10-2015 - 24-10-2015 What did we do today Oldtimer TLC, a little love for the RR1200

Oldtimer TLC, time to give here some love , first to take off the front fender... all for the streamline

Oldtimer TLC, with the front fender off, first a little strip down off the body work , a blanket needed to protect the fairing , one off the best streamline made on a prodution model comes at a cost

Oldtimer TLC right servoce panel off

Oldtimer TLC, and side panel loose it opens like a clamp shell with the hinged in the bottom

Oldtimer TLC, left service panel off

Oldtimer TLC, and left side off the faring loose, now slide it under the bike ( is where the blanket is very needed for protection )

Oldtimer TLC, old skool engine

Oldtimer TLC, seat off

Oldtimer TLC, and the boot for some lugage wink-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, because off the fairing the petcock are electrical operarated , disconnect the plug

Oldtimer TLC, and take off the fuel line to the carb

Oldtimer TLC, fuel tank off , you really need some stands for these polyester fuel tanks , to protect it from damaging

Oldtimer TLC, wire harness ? i think they where made wire by wire connecting the bits and pieces

Oldtimer TLC, connector tail light and indicators

Oldtimer TLC, and the last 2 screws are in the carpet wink-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, tail section off reveals the hand made aluminium oil tank

Oldtimer TLC, ok no surprice there... will hook her up to a new charger see iff the latest charger technolagy will recondition this battery over the weekend

Oldtimer TLC, rear axle nut loose

Oldtimer TLC, and brake braket off

Oldtimer TLC, the previous owner did race with here, i'm pritty sure he replaced this one, as the bolt are metric in the bracket

Oldtimer TLC, piece off scrap aluminium used ?

Oldtimer TLC, the oldies have all the nice stuff smile-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, sort off crush drive

Oldtimer TLC, buetifull light alloy wheels

Oldtimer TLC, sore in my for some time... worn out brake disk

Oldtimer TLC, floating bolts out

Oldtimer TLC, you see how much this was worn down

Oldtimer TLC, had this one for some time smile-emoticon back then you could call Buell , and talk with the men who actualy hand build this bike, and ask hime for parts smile-emoticon( building sheet with signature and part list where original with the bikes )

Oldtimer TLC, beying used with the XB wheel construction, i guess i'm spoiled , juggleling with brake brackets and spacers... sheez

Oldtimer TLC, rubbing protection top and bottum off the chain

Oldtimer TLCm the brake pads are pritty bad scored to , i wil take theme out to draw the pattern to have this for referance when we need new ones

Oldtimer TLC, cleaning and new grease in the sliders

Oldtimer TLC, for now i clean theme up

Oldtimer TLC, flat surface and sand paper , just to clean the old pads up untill we can find new ones

Oldtimer TLC, i better check the brake fluid to i guess

Oldtimer TLC, yeah... will flush and replace this to

Oldtimer TLC, small details, little screw to change the angle off the foot pegs

Oldtimer TLC, ok battery out , looks familiar wink-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, loose ends... speedo cable is loose , like i said the bike has been used in classic races ( demontration like ) i'm pritty sure he loosed the cable for this ,

Oldtimer TLC, the top faring loose and pivoted back a little you see the electics and back side off the dash

Oldtimer TLC, wire spagetti...

Oldtimer TLC, cable hooked on

Oldtimer TLC... looks familiar ? choke lever smile-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, mnnn top tierod bolt is missing ?

Oldtimer TLC, a little fiddely to get there , but it is on

Oldtimer TLC, front fender brackets, looks home made... yep , probebly mr Buell him self who bended theme smile-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, as wher the calipers

Oldtimer TLC, but bleeding the system is a pita.. i take off the master so i can get the cap off

Oldtimer TLC, nice dash

Oldtimer TLC, left overs from the RW750 ? race use only... you know there good , if it says that wink-emoticon

Oldtimer TLC, common problem, when they don't get used for long time. fork seals leaking , i traced theme down.. as the basic fork with out the anti dive brake assist , was also used on a Duc. Paso

Oldtimer TLC, back in the day they could make it nice ... shock oil reservoir with cooling fins

Oldtimer TLC, i think i found the leaking brake line problem.. i will make some new lines for here, need to order the rubber lined washers to

Oldtimer TLC, ok carb... sitting still for a long time could gamble it.. but best to check it

Oldtimer TLC, cusom bracket

Oldtimer TLC, positioned dent in the frame to give alittle acces to the rear bolt, with out having to drop the engine

Oldtimer TLC, you can just get it 1/8 off a turn each time

Oldtimer TLC, thank you for making a slot in there

Oldtimer TLC, ok carb off ,

Oldtimer TLC, nice and dry with no gummed up old fuel...

Oldtimer TLC, float looks good, and needle is free and moving ( blow test in the fuel hose )

Oldtimer TLC, and even the accelaration membrame looks good , nice

Oldtimer TLC, so carb back on , indexing the holes before tigtening the screws

Oldtimer TLC, i knwo the special bend key come in handy ones