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16-12-2015 16-12-2015 RR1200 work XB case assembly

17-12-2015 - what did we do today 16-12-2015 16-12-2015 RR1200 get 'r going, XB cases assembly

just a few little thing to do on the Battle Twin, just checking the brake light and the indicators... and start here up... 2 hours max... ok... she did not want play nice previeus hacks in the wire loom , little help from electrical scedules, and not being use to HD '80 wire harness wink-emoticon i will get there, only takes a little longer , first check thing the bulbs and connectors if there not loose

RR1200, connectors and bulbs all good, so i put the tail back on, will not completly tighten it , as the rest off the bodie needs to be aligned

RR1200, look behind the dash.... sheesss can't make head not tails out off this

RR1200, with the front fairing off i have better acces to the wire harness

RR1200, and a old XLS wire harness helps a little , as it basicly looks the same

RR1200, measureing to find the errors

RR1200, mnnnn is the left hand indicator switch wire hooked up tot the oil pressure switch wire ? because there bought green ? looks like the indicastors are going to work . scotch locks... i hate these btw ... please never use theme

RR1200, as the anti dive system is operated by the front brake light switch , disconnecting the wire to the suspension switch to rule this one out as the cause for the not functioning

RR1200, remade some wire connection from the feed to the brake light switch as they where very crummy

RR1200, and repaired a pulled out wire , this one was pulled out the terminal

RR1200, the brake light switch it self works

RR1200, things start to get to life smile-emoticon ( was still a temparary ground used , hence the resistance )

RR1200, so right handle bar to getter again

RR1200, ok front end works, but still not brake light fron the front ? tracing the cables the feed to the light is cut and capped off , and a rear brake light switch was added and used to the other end off this feed wire

RR1200, i maked a new feed for the rear brakelight switch, hooking up from one off the "fuses" with feed over contact

RR1200, air pressure brigde back on for the front forks airsupport , would been a very strange bike to work on in the old days , as allot off bolts are metric

RR1200, grond for the anti dive system hooked up neathly below the system ( was mounted on top )

RR1200, and giving the system a little air pressure 15 psi in the forks

RR1200, and 20 psi in the accumulator ( is activated while braking )

RR1200so front fairing back on

RR1200, indicators back on ( old yahama )

RR1200, works

RR1200, fuel tank on

RR1200, closer look at the electrical fuel taps , 1 normal and 1 with lower position as reserve

RR1200, connector for the fuel taps ... missing one wire ?

RR1200, also a wire pulled out off the connector... the ground wire , the normal solinoid works because off the voltage differance , but the reserve and reserve switch do not, will repair the ground wire

RR1200, little reconstuctive thinkering on the old terminal very carefully open the tabs and use a good crimper to crimp the conenction again

RR1200, fuel line connected again , and contact first time in a long time there is fuel in the carburator

RR1200, while i checked the caburator and it was clean, still looks like the float needle is sticking , after a few taps with the end off a screw diver the overflow stopped

RR1200, and it looks like the fuel connection leaks

RR1200, yep defenaly ... ok you really don't want this to leak... i will mount a new elbow , completely from brass

XB cases , crank and lower engine repair , the crank was send to us from repair, but given the damage to the crank i suspected also main bearing dammage, so we asked the customer to send in his case to, as it is waist off mony to perfectly repair a bigend bearing and leave the main bearings out off line and dammage , parts coem back from the machine shop, as a little service i will assemble the lower end

XB cases , crank very handy some gearbox axle stamps , the old gearboxes have loose rings on top , holding the gearbox like this they will stay on and will not interfear with the pressing

XB cases , crank, old stule shifter forks, check if the steel bushings roll freely on the stud


XB cases , crank, gearbox shafts pressed in, position the shifter forks in

XB cases , crank, and mount the shift drum , and guide the shift forks in the correct slots ( will only fit all in one position ) and give the slide shafts a tap to they are secureded int he case

XB cases , crank, after i have handled so many , it still amazes me how good the rods feel after we have rebuild it with the new design big end bearings and new side play bearings , pin is welded to make sure it will keep it straighness a long time. You can let us repair and align your cranck here:


XB cases , crank, this engine has had a very hard life :-X , prelube the bearings You can let us repair and align your cranck here:

XB cases , crank, thin layer off case sealer on the edge, slide in the crank and gently put the other side cover on, use a screw diver ( or special tool ) to lift the shift drum detend arm over the shift pattern

XB cases , crank, drop off red loctite on the bolts and tq down

XB cases , crank, stator plug a little precousion on sweating plug, give it a bead off silicone , i also make a bed off silicone for the stator wires under the holding plate

XB cases , crank, and screw on the stator m and put the bearing ring and seal spacer in

XB cases , crank, other side

XB cases , crank, filters back in, a little redline assembly lube coating on theme

XB cases , crank, lifter guide pins back in

XB cases , crank, that was all i had off parts for this build, no secure and pack it well , protection against dirt and debris falling in the case... ready to ship back to the customer in Belgium