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11-2-2015 1125 Big service, XR1200 modifications.

13-2-2015 - Buell 1125CR Big service finishing. Harley Davidson XR1200 modifications and repairs.

1125CR finishing, last things, mount stator , check before mounting if the wire bracket is not bend during transport toughing the coils.


1125CR finishing , wire guid in, and stator on.


1125CR finishing , ingition cover mounted , routing the wires back up.


1125CR finishing, match up the lead positions for the connector.


1125CR finishing , iac hose ,i like to put a little ziptie on it , so it will not come off the pipe.


1125CR finishing , airfilter base mounted back, check if the throttle douse not stick.


1125CR finishing , startingup after a long time.


1125CR finishing, checking the charging.


1125CR finishing , before i forget, reset the service counter.


1125CR finishing , cleaning the airfilter and recharging it.


1125CR finishing , oil level set correct.


1125CR finishing , and brakefluid change, with the extrame angle of the lever / bar is put , not really a nice job.


1125CR finishing , clutch fluid cover screw did not want to work with me.


1125CR finishing , drilling it out , using a 5 mm drill to dril off the head.


1125CR finishing , with the head drilled off, you can usualy remove the screw by hand


1125CR finishing ,little never seas on the new screws will help the next time.


XR1200 mods and repair, customer has taken off the body work for painting , warming up for oil change.


XR1200 mods and repair , oil drain.


XR1200 mods and repair , oil filter off, sometimes they just don't want to work with you , needed to remove it the ugly way.


replacing the grips.


XR1200 mods and repair, looseing the cable adjusters to give room to remove the grips.


XR1200 mods and repair, flamy HD grips back on, needed a little work to not stick.



XR1200 mods and repair, also some nice levers added.


XR1200 mods and repair, for the clutch lever you need to use the old pivot bushing in the Oberon levers.


XR1200 mods and repair, and mount the anti rattle guide on the new lever.


XR1200 mods and repair, exhaust system removed, willbe coated Black.


XR1200 mods and repair, customer changed the black rocker covers , but noticed some screw theads are gone.


XR1200 mods and repair, yep stipped out , will repair these.


XR1200 mods and repair, all the crews out, lifted the tank a little , head temp sensor unpluged , and take the cover off.


XR1200 mods and repair, thread is gone, i will do a timesert repair , but will remove the rocker box , not really healty to drill and tap in this position ,debris can fall inside.


XR1200 mods and repair, small screws out.


XR1200 mods and repair, and big screws out , taking off the rocker box.


XR1200 mods and repair, removing the rocker arms and breater filter, ready to drill.