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21-1-2016, 1125CR big service, engine valve

23-1-2016 - What did we do today: 21-1-2016, 1125CR big service, engine rotation to check valve play

bike turned around on the lift, so we have better acces to the front

striping the top side, note the position and orientation off the MAP sensor ( with the green sticker ) i still see somethings this one ( hole ) pointing up like a rain collector , need to point down to prevent watter from comming in

1125 are reall dirt suckers, the air intake under the steering head ( in the front wheel spray ) douse not help

with a filter dirty like this , i leave the filter on and remove the complete lower base so as little as possible dirt can fall in the throttle bodies

fuel line quick connector, push the connector forward, press the tabs and pull off

mnnn ok 2 wire harness upgrade kits are mounted... special , will remove theme bought wink-emoticonas we have mounted the oil jet rotor , overheating off the stator will not be a issue

as we need to check the valve play , the rear valve cover needs to come off, to get some clearance for the valve cover the wire harnes running over it needs to be pulles aside , so removing the starter solinoid cover

and loose the starter solinoid and fuse box so the cables have more play

pulling the cables to the side, yep this is enough

the easy one, rear stick coil out, adviseble is not to mix theme up ( front and rear ) altough there the same

long extention to unscrew the spark plug

looking good, some noticeble spark errosion on the electrodes, bike will pick up some noticeble power with some fresh ones

To check the valve play we need to turn the engine the plug on the ignition cover gives acces to the crank end

a little oil can come out, crank with the 16mm -5/8" hex end on the crank

time to make some room at the front , removing the front wheel

8 piston caliper off , line the spokes up with the notches in the caliper

and the front legs out

the plastic air duct out , is hold on with 1 screw

we had already loosend the pods, now loosen and remove the front K-bracket bolt to the frame

mnnn right one is missing ? i noticed this bike has been in a crash , for got to put theme back in ? i ever have seen these vibrate out ?

loosen the 2 rear engine mounts bolts

and remove the right middle support bolt

slide the slider out, so no wires can catch it while you rotate the engine down

and remove the left middle support bolt

loosen the horn wires and rotate the engine down

check and make sure there is no tension on any cables with the engine down

front coil connector, carefull push the lock ( these are fragile ) and remove the stick coil

loosen the front valve cover bolts

a little napking for the leaking oil , and take the cover off

now turn over the engine counter clock wise only

turn the engine over so the cam you want to check the valve lash is pointing up

and check with feeler gauges the free play, between the slider arm and the valve , front exhaust is ok , middle off the range

turn the engine over to check the same on the intake cams , also ok

cleaned the cover a little, these things get reall dirty, and a little silicone gasket to help keep the seals in place, you can check with a finger in the sparkplug hole if the seal is still in / and in position before you tighten the cover back on

front plug electrode gap checked , and a little neverseas on the threads

stick coil back in place and fasten the screw

coil connector on, double check the connector locks, seen to many times this one comes loose when you put the intake air guide back in place

rear one , loosen the cover screws

even when you have cleared the wire harness, it is still a little wiggleing to get the cover off

check the valve lash... also with in the min-max range

a few dabs off silicone gasket to help hold the gaskets in place during mounting, and check if it the gasket seats correctly by feeling it at the rear with your finger ( you can see the front ) before you tighten it , it is really a pain when you put the bike back to getter to notice a oil leak comming from a not correcly seated gasket when the bike heats up :-X

fresh plug in and stick coil back on

down is always no problem, engine back up the front mounting points off the k-bracket almost never line up again, loosening the side bolts will give it more room

new right side bolt in

left and right right middle support bolt in , and tighten the left side first

than tighten the right side so the sliders wil seat theme selfs

plug back in the cover

and pots mounted back

reinstaling the starter solinoid and fuse box

arifilter base plate back on

and K&n filter mounted

now to clean the front legs and change the oil


tomorrow part 2