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1-10-15 Uly time, XB diesel, X1 intake seals

2-10-2015 - What did we do today 1-10-15 Uly time, XB diesel, X1 intake seals

Uly Service, very nice cover kit on this bjeuty , in for a dose off TLC

Uly Service, while hot... drain the fluids

Uly Service, new clutch cable is also on the list as this has been emergengy fixed

Uly Service, to get the clutch cable off, the shifter bracket needs to come off

Uly Service, and the bolt with the clamp

Uly Service, pulled the clutch cable out the triple t and ready to unscrew

Uly Service, old model cable with out teflon inner lining

Uly Service, the new cables all have this, makes it just tough lighter to pull , o-ring on

Uly Service, and crew the cable in the primary cover.. keep the cable straight so the outer cable will not turn on the metal fitting , as the cable will start to leak , ... not to tight !!

Uly Service, very easy now to make the cable last a long time,,, neverseas on the outer adjuster

Uly Service, and cable hooked in to the lever

Uly Service, drain plugs back in , some low grade plummers loctite will help to seal the plugs

Uly Service, bracket back on .. loctite the bolts

Uly Service, after filling the gear box with fresh oil.. adjusting the clutch mechansme

Uly Service, and adjusting the outer cable adjuster to have a little free play on the lever

Uly Service, old oil filter off

Uly Service, little things,,, base gasket start to sweat a litle

Uly Service, front plug change from the bottom

Uly Service, time to check the wheel bearings , so taking the rear caliper off

Uly Service, and with the rear wheel in the air... check the primairy chain tension

Uly Service, fresh engine oil back in the swing arm

Uly Service, turning the wheel.. feels a little heavy ?

Uly Service, idler pulley bearings are ok.. as are the gearbox bearings

Uly Service, pully has done some km... but can take some more, nothing really sharp yet

Uly Service, wheel bearings are also ok.. and disk is not sticking... i think the new belt still has much tension making it feel a little heavy turning

Uly Service, so lover covers back on... use loctite on the chin spoiler screws

Uly Service, top side airbox off

Uly Service, little bit off oil collected... piston rings are comming

Uly Service, checking the sparkplug cables and connectors

Uly Service, rear cylinder , combustion looking good


Uly Service, i like to pull the boots back on the sparkplug for installing

Uly Service, so you can see better the clicker is clicking on the plug , and pull the booth down after

Uly Service, little cleaning ready for the next 16000 km

Uly Service, tipical markings on the air filter... you can see where the holes are ( and airflow ) is in the cover , right side lower

Uly Service, left side more to the top

Uly Service, little cleaning and re charging off the filter

Uly Service, time for the front end , caliper off

Uly Service, wheel bearings are freaking tight ... i can't turn these by hand so much tension is not good

Uly Service, forks out for oil change... ULY forks always clean the lower parts off the legs... they get dirty

Uly Service, oil was really bad in these. even the preload tube has some corrosion on theme... will clean this and make sure there coated with oil

Uly Service, legs back in

Uly Service, and with some new bearings the front end back on

Uly Service, front lower fender on make sure the rubber is clamped between the fender parts so it holds the brake line


Uly Service brake fuild change

Uly Service, don't forget the rear

Uly Service, after test riding smile-emoticon low rpm rattle when pulling away , usual the horn knocking around behind the flyscreen... cleared the aria a little and put it to the side

Xb Diesel , almost done... first rearwheel out again wink-emoticon

Xb Diesel , almost done, to remove the bell shaped brake disk... learing by breaking bits... impact Torq bits and air wrench best and easiest way to remove these

Xb Diesel , almost done, for a frisbee it looks good, as a brake disk.. not so

Xb Diesel , almost done, why change when you can upgrade smile-emoticon and is ever cheaper than the original disk ... mounted our nice wave disk. Our disc can be found here:

Xb Diesel , almost done, as the clutch lever was bend during a mishap. will change this to

Xb Diesel , almost done, better smile-emoticon

Xb Diesel , almost done, not sure what is still in the tank... its a year old anyway.. to pumping the fuel tank empty, put in some fresh fuel and again do a few pump cycles, to be sure there is no diesel contaminated fuel left

Xb Diesel , almost done power up... missing the oil light... common after a long periode standing still, but i really want to see if there is oil pressure

Xb Diesel , almost done, little trick pull off the connector and put a metal pointy thing in it and hold it to the headers to make ground

Xb Diesel , almost done, ok works now..wireing is ok sensor is bad

Xb Diesel , almost done, sensor out , new sensor in some special tools come in very handy here

Xb Diesel , almost done.... at the tough off the button, one little cough and she is making prurring sounds... nice

Xb Diesel , almost done first off 3 heat cyles i give here. with the new bores and piston rings the cylinders become the hottest thing on the bike very fast... don't let here become to hot... during first startups , took 40 seconds to get up to 73 deg C. not cooling complety for the 2e heat cycle

Beutiful X1 , riding problem between 2500-3000 rpm... mnnnn is exactly where you would feel leaking intake seals the best... testing X1 is always difficult you need to do it when she is warm. as the cold start enrichment is much, you can not notice intake leaks while testing a few seconed after start up

Beutiful X1, after testing, yep defanaly leaking intake seals , tank off and airfilter off

Beutiful X1, yep these are leaking... see the vacuum bite marks in the rubber

Beutiful X1, cleaning up

Xb Diesel , almost done, just a little time left for heat cycle 2 ... a little hotter this time... i will put he airbox on but not all covers... as the oil is not been warm yet.. need to check after the first test ride , when the oil gets hotter for oil leaks on the new seals