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23-10-2014 Xb electrical problem and more.

28-10-2014 - BuellXB electrical problem. BuellXB primairy cover change.

XB9S, battery problems, the battery can't seam to hold his charge for more that 3 weeks, and being driven short trips, witch is a pain, as this Li-ion battery was bought for this ( long time storage and keeping a charge ) with current draw test it give 0.04 amps.


XB9S, battery problems, but after 2 minutes ignition off , the current draw is zero ( ecm is going into off mode )


XB9S, battery problems, charging at idle looks ok, a little low as the battery has a higher voltage to start with ( 13,3 Volt )


XB9S, battery problems, connector 77 looks pristine.


XB9S, battery problems, the stator connector has a little oil in it , witch is not strange ( capillary working off the wires ) but resistance is good, and not short to ground.


XB9S, battery problems, but stator measures good, no short to ground , or difference between any leads measured.


XB9S, battery problems, diode check... all ok blocking one way, after reversing the leads the measure voltage from the diode test.


XB9S, battery problems, ok rule out things... i put in a normal battery, and measure again.. changing is higher ( voltage differance between normal clamp voltage , and charging ) i'm in contact with the manufacture how much voltage it needs to charge.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , as the clutch mechanism holder is broken off.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , cable adjuster loose, and chin spoiler off.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , drain the oil, i will reuse this as the oil was recently changed.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , the broken bits.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , shift lever pinch bolt out and remove the snifter mechanism.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , inspection cover off.


XB9SX, primary cover change , and loosen the chain tensioner.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , loose the clutch cable bracket and pull the cable out the upper triple T.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , little more work, but your clutch cable will stay better removing it like this ( the metal fittings will not turn in the rubber )


XB9SX, primairy cover change , the decorative plug can be turned out.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , loosen all the bolts.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , extra step is needed, remove the foot peg bracket.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , remove the primary chain tensioner , to reused this in the new cover.


XB9SX, primairy cover change , new gasket on


XB9SX, primairy cover change , the new cover comes with the bearing busing but with out the seal


XB9SX, primairy cover, the seals can be tapped in with a socket 


XB9SX, primairy cover change, tensioner back in, when the locking nut with sealing ring looks bad , replace this to , the sealing ring needs to be pointed to the cover


XB9SX, primairy cover change,carefully slide the cover on, pushing the primairy chain over the tensioner shoe with your fingers from below , and tighten the screws starting in the middle , circling your way out.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, clutch cable back on.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, after the drain plug is installed, fill with oil to level, and hook the clutch mechanism to the cable out side the cover.


XB9SX, primairy cover change,with the mechanisme hooked on, position the mechanism in the cover.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, and adjust the clutch, lightly bottoming the screw and off a 1/4 turn , and position the locking nut + spring.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, clutch cover back on, rubber spacer and a little neverseas on the splines off the shifter shaft.


XB9SX, primairy cover change,and put the shifter back on , loctite on these screws.. the come loose !


XB9SX, primairy cover change, foot peg bracket back on.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, and put the fuel tank breather hose throught holder on the back off the foot rest.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, slide the clutch cable back trough the top triple T


XB9SX, primairy cover change,and fasten the clutch cable bracket , and adjust the outer cable to it has 2- 3 mm free play on the lever.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, chin spoiler back on. loctite these screws as the chin spoiler vibrates hard.


XB9SX, primairy cover change, little ratchet helps allot for the front chin spoiler screws


XB9SX, primairy cover change, rear wheel off the ground shifting to 5 gear and turn the engine by turning the rear wheel to check the tension on the chain on, 3 places to find the tightest spot.


XB9SX, primairy cover change,, and fasten the lock nut , ready to go.