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19-9-2014 XB Big Service. 1125 oscillating problem

20-9-2014 - Buell XB12X, Big service, almost 6 numbers. Buell 1125 racer, oscillating cutting out. Buell Xb12SCG tail end swap.

Xb12X, Big service, almost 6 numbers.


Xb12X, Big service, and still going strong, daily driver, but very well maintained and cleaned, diagnose error light , again the iac , will replace it this time.


Xb12X, Big service, oil drain while hot.


Xb12X, Big service, new filter , prime it with some oil before mounting.


Xb12X, Big service, rear wheel bearings check, swing arm bearing check, and belt all good to go.


Xb12X, Big service, front fork seal is leaking a little, as the legs come out anyway for this service we will replace the seals.


Xb12X, Big service, yep definitely leaking.


Xb12X, Big service, fork seals out and ready to be take a part .


Xb12X, Big service, some little thing you can tell the bike has done allot off Km, clutch cable rubbing on the right front outer leg.


Xb12X, Big service, new seals in


Xb12X, Big service, and droping the engine , as a small hint off leaking intake seals was detected, with a big service, the extra time is very little, as other things become much easyer in the service.


Xb12X, Big service, like changing spark plugs.


Xb12X, Big service, everthing back op and rebuild the body parts, ready to break the 100000 line with ease.


1125 racer, oscillating cutting out, with all electrical systems and customer has been working on the bike, not easy to find the problem , as alot off things are repaired, logging on the dyno, i could see the fuel pressure cutting out.


1125 racer, oscillating cutting out, but now is it a mechanical problem or electrical problem as the fuel pressure on a 1125 is regulated by the ecm and not by a mechanical fuel pressure regulator.


1125 racer, oscillating cutting out, as the fuel pump and wires had been short circuit , the customer made a quick and dirty work around sollution,, testing new ecm to be sure the old ecm was not fried.


1125 racer, oscillating cutting out, mnnn that is something that is not right ! swapping the fuel pressure sensor did not change the problem, pulling the connector from the sensor will make the pump run high pressure.. and now the problem is gone... so first check the electrical stuff.


Xb12SCG tail end swap, customer had shortened his tail home made , but was not happy with it.


Xb12SCG tail end swap, so out with the old.


Xb12SCG tail end swap, and preparing the new with indicators.


Xb12SCG tail end swap, looks allot better like this.


Xb12SCG tail end swap, put some double sided take on the licence plate bracket, and bolt after , the double sided tape will prevent the plate from rattle-ling.