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10-11-2016 XB12 2005 engine stripdown

26-11-2016 - What did we do Today: 10-11-2016 Buell XB12 2005 engine stripdown

no need for the side stand, and is better to come off

engine supported

swing arm axle loose

now bike in the straps so we can loosen the swingarm

w-brace loose

and out the way

swing arm axle out, they can corrode heavy, this one needed some " love" to take it out

primairy side , shifter off

i take the dowls out for the cover, so i know where the are , instead off loosing theme

primairy drive off and removing the stator , off with the protective plate

the wire plug out

and the 4 x t20 screw heads to remove the stator

startermotor bolts out

and startermotor can be taken off from the right side

rear mount bolt loose and out

gear box breather hose pulled out the frame guide

engine removed, now prepping the frame so it is moveble , some pieces off wood

soem straps and protective material , and a rear stand or front wheel stand to park the bike

stripping the engine, pushrod covers off

rocker cover off rear

mnnn been snatching the gasket

a rag to collect the oil that will drain from here when you loosen the rocker box

and the rocker box off, first the 5 x 1/4 bolts, than the 4x 5/16 bolts

rocker box off... head bolts loose use a breaker bar

first loosen theme to get the tension off , than unscrew all off theme

pushrod cover off

cut off allen key to loosen the rear engine mount

rear cylinder bore, also scratches from the metal debris big end bearing

ok cam cover off

can be a real pain to loosen theme , when the gasket is not breaking

a litle lever will help , carefull not to damage the surfaces

cam cover out ,

typical cam markings , tappeds float a little

pignon gear is good, the key slot is straight and clean

oil pump gear how ever, for the milage pritty good

but will advise to mount a new one , the upgraded one

tapped guide bolts out

and finger the tapped out , pushing theme out from inside

very small markings on the tappeds... normal wear

rest stripping... oil pressure sensor out to clean the feed chanels

oil pump out

and checking the oil pump rotors

the small one is the press rotor, the scavaging rotor ( the big one ) will show the first signs off debris

this one looks still ok

so back for now, will clean it when we assemble the engine

mnnn oil filter adaptor was hand tight

i take this also out to check and clean

now splitting the cases, removing all the bolts

and the big one

little hammering to make a start to break the gasket, try to hold the case halfs even to each other

cases apart

and left side removed , the Xb cranks can be pulled out by hand

removing sprocket spacer and seal clip

crank seal out, to inspect the bearings

with a drift punch out the shifter fork shafts out the case

take the forks out eh shoft drum and take out the drum

a ziptie on the mainshaft to hold on the gears

counter and main shaft pressed out , hold the loose washers and rings inplace

frirs signs of the big end bearing failure

pignong bearings is still ok