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13-3-2015 big service Xb12S 2007.

14-3-2015 - Buell Xb12S 2007 big service.

Very nice and clean Xb12S in for service and all around check up.


warming up the bike to drain the oil.


unhook the clutch mechanisme out side the cover.


on the left the gearbox / primairy drain plug , on the right the engine oil drain plug... on the gearbox some metal debris is fine, on the enigine oil plug not.


with the bike level on bought wheels , ful the fresh gearbox oil to level.


mount the clutch mechisme back, ( loosen the outer cable adjuster first, bottom the screw turning left , when lightly bottoming 1/4 turn back to give it some free play.


rear wheel bearing check... nastly looking axle , the bearring can frees up very quickly , clean and lube the axle.


rear wheel with fresh rubber, axle cleaned and wheel back in , tightening the rear brake bracket.


adjusting the primairy chain tension and check shifter bolts.


as clean as the bike looks, under the bonnet, the rocker cover gaskets have been leaking some time.


as clean as the bike looks, under the bonnet, the rocker cover gaskets have been leaking some time.


left foot peg bracket off other wise this will damage the primary cover.


sneak peak on the rear head... been leaking for a while , fan and frame hole out side where very clean.


only the parts not easy to clean the leaked oil is still visible, and the old orange 07- up rocker cover gaskets , the replacement black ones are much better.


gaskets replaced, a little never seas on the front mount bolt will prevent it from corroding.


plastics back on, use also a little neverseas the the 10/32 screws before they seaz in the brass nuts.


TH decalls where missing , customer asked for new ones , no problem.


where we left off with the service, sparkplugs.


base plate cleaned and mounted correctly.


front wheel / forks check oil change , front axle is also bone dry.


wheel bearings are still good.


when you put the forks back in especialy with a after market flatter handle bar take care you don't pinch the switch wires.


axle lubed and back in.


light grade loctite for the front fender, also as corrosion pretection, use the white washers , the body panels will not be hold on good with out theme.


brake fluid change , due to the angle off the handle bar it can not be filled to top level.


brake lever action feels a little gritty, a little grease on the pivot and piston end douse wonders.


rear brake fluid change , hald full bottle works best not to spill.


set the front suspention back.


and test ride rubbing in new tyre.... dream job, getting paid to test ride buell's


last little things, cleaning with acid like washliquid can corrode on the zinc coated bolts, turning theme white powdery.


with a clean looking bike an eye sore.


with some high grade stainless one it looks allot better.