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11-6-2016 XB front engine mount, bad running.

20-7-2016 - 11-6-2016 Buell XB12 front engine mount, running problems, update ECM with TM fuel map, front seal with a little extra work and TLC.

first front mount change came in early , nice XB12SS

support the engine, some exhaust can take the weight some don't

clutch cable bracket loose

and removing the engine mount head bolts , and engine mount bolt

red loctite on the bolts

and some neverseas on the hanger bolt

and tighen all up 66 NM ... 5 minute job

running issues XB12S... customer tried some fuel mapping but would not get it running nice

fuel pressure was checked by customer, but double check will never hurt

fuel pomp is ok

dectected a small intake leak, and adviced to replace the original seals for our intake flanges , as the customer recently replace the intake seals... so put a good fuel mapping in for this exhaust, hate when the idle cables hang loose

unscrewing it will mostly work but turning in the adjuster cable will buckle , i rerouted this and fixed it to the v-brace

bike was dropped in the Van it came in... lucky only foot peg and mirror damage , foot peg is easy fix

the old style pivot pins do not have a bevel, and are very hard to mount

with a little bevel on the end the pin , can be mounted so much easier

took the bike for a test ride but after mounting the seat it started to run on 1,5 cylinder cable harness problems ?

check the underside off teh harness for wires rubbing

everything ok here... as the front cylinder was not running ... checked the sprak plug.. the booth was on good , but the metal connector was off , mounting the front spark plug cable good and the bike started running very nice

next in from Belgium.. leaking right front fork seal

as the customer is going on a trip , i will change this right away

so brake caliper bolts loose

axle out and remove the leaking front leg

just had a service... mnnn.... bind mechanic... front wheel bearings are shot

nes bearings presse in, and notice the disk was warped to , we will replace this one too

new galfer disk, and front wheel is ready

protect the front cap with some isolating tape to the nit will be hurt

front leg pulles apart, looks like it has never been changes the last 9 years

protect the new seals from damaging the new seals

frotn leg back in and brake pads need to be changed, very easy to put in a set off nieew with a new seat off sleas

press in the pads a little the pin will go in easiers and leave the pads in place

loctite on the caliper bolts

wheel back in and to 55 nm


as this bike "just had a service " adn the front wheel bearings where not noted... lets check the rear wheel bearings to

the rear oned where shot to new ones pressed in

and thighen the axle to specs

new customer came in to sho his bike he just bought ... very nice find

the bike looks great.. but i noticed the front engine mount is gone

so engine mount number 2 replaced

fasten all bolts and make sure the hanger bolt doude not cross thread

and tighten the bolts to specs