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1-12-2016 Buell X1 gearbox service

13-12-2016 - 1-12-2016 Buell X1 gearbox service

always a debate... seal ring in or out

this one was hard anyway... with all the stuff loose , easy to replace it

if you have run marks on our spacer... with fine scotchbrite you can clean theme.

having a stamp for the seals works so much better, and for me seals the side where the pressure is the spring lip sould be

pre lube the seal and spacer in

on with the gearbox, c-clips out

block the counter shaft in a softjaw vise and loosen the retainter

and press the counter shaft out, take care off the splash ring to lube the bearings

main shaft dito.. has a loose spacer ring

bearings out the trapdoor

and new bearings pressed in

as we do this allot, the XB press tool ( 03-05 ) works also for the tube frame , easier to press i with the loose rings

shafts in... time to rebuild the gearbox

first the retainer back on with some loctite

use new clips as the old ones will bend usualy with removing theme

the work shop manual is not much off help here... best you remove and marked theme so you know where they go back on ... ;-)

checking new gears... counting theeth and check size , as one end off the shafts is loose you can put on a slighty bigger gear... only to notice during final mounting

rings and clips , bearings

checking the new shift forks

they are also marked so should be easy

lyning up the shift forks in the gearbox , push the drum trough and push the steel pins in the slots

3 hands are needed sometimes.. shift drum positioner

ready to go back in... prelube the shafts and bearings

little red loctite on the trapdoor bolts

and tighen these to 22 NM

detent plate back on... check it sits level , other wise you can tap the pins in to the same lenght

dry testing... smooth in al gears

shifter lever back in place.. i mount the spring hook facing in

3e gear and 3 mm pin to adjust the mechanisme , lightly rest the arm and tighen the nuts

we need to put back the clutch spring as we checked the clutch pack

press tool on.. and c-clip support ring on

the c-clip can go back normaly you can do this with your fingers

and pull plate off to mount the basket

lift the complete primairy on the bike with chain and all , wiggle the clutch on the main shaft

and turn the clutch basket a little untill the front sprocket slides on the splines

red loctite here !!

the clutch nut come with a conical ring.. follow the markings

also red loctite here and lefty tighty , turn the nut as far as it goos by hand so the ring will not dop off the nut

nuts tight and pulling plate back in

primairy cover back on, will replace the shift lever seal

nice thick primairy adjuster ( the one that douse not break )

4 long 7 shorter , i use blue loctite on these, the long ones left and right ( the hole with the dowl pin ) and the 2 top middle ones

spiraling out and setting to TQ 14 Nm

double check drain plug before i put oil in

oil in clutch mechnisme in , adjsuting the clutch cable

little gease on the shift lever to prevent corrosion

and the lower 2 bolt back in, i use a little red loctite on the long shift lever bolt

lyning up the shift lever

and checking the primairy chain tension... always check on 3 point

exhaust came in a box... nice and rattely

but fix well

will use some new springs on it

back to the overall check off the bike , rear wheel

bearings are ok and even the double bearing is still tight :-)

but the rear pads can do for a chance

best to do this with the bracket mounted

as it can be needed to use some force to remove the bolts

i clean and relube the front silder bolt

and put the dust seal back in properly agian

caliper back on.. and new pads in