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31-8-2016 Uly belt, rear disk and speedo lights

16-9-2016 - 31-8-2016 Uly belt, rear disk and speedo lights, XB12 Bigbore making ready for customer, X1 front forks corrosion

flintstone uly... nice but a bit to high to get your feet to the floor... shall make it better

pulley cover off to see how the pullys are as the last belt lasten 18000 km a little short

front pully i can feel the teeth getting sharp , with 60000 km not really strange, i will replace this one , rear pully is getting old, but not really sharp yet.. will leave this for this winter when we need to check and work on the wheels ( new coating )

swing arm brace out and rear fender loose

swing arm brace out and rear fender loose

wheel out to check the bearings

mnnnn rear brake looks toast to

disk is worn out

and the pads are just not metal to metal , but only just

tensioner wheel bearings are also shot

ill start with the tensioner bearings, the trick with the 2 screw drivers to start the spiral clip out

and work your way around removing it

bearings pressed out, one is seased the other one toast.... could have caused the belt to wear premature aswell , no really slipping signs on the pully , but i see some wear

little cleaning and fresh bearings in 

old belt come in handy to remove the front pulley

lock plate off and nut removed

and new pully on 

lock plate back on. will always fit :-) put some loctite on these screws 

belt back on and first put the swing arm brace back in place

i know better to try with hand tools... broken to many bits and allen keys... the impact gun with impact bits works so much better , as these bolts can be a pain to remove

some times the disk is corroded on very hard, and you need to knock it off with a big hammer and drift

clean the hub before you put the new disk on to ensure it is mounting flat ... and a thin film off never seas under it

loctite on the bolts, tq down to 35 Nm

rear wheel in place, and yently rol the belt on

tighen the axle and so tighten the belt, TQ the rear axle to 66 NM

axle pinch bolt tight and covers back on

less than a mm left on the old pads

caliper cleaned and new pads in

speedo back lighting is no longer working... i will replace the bulbs

flyscreen off and remove the 3 nuts holding the speedo

connector loose and you can take off the speedo, carefull not to loose the rubber mounting points

and the back off the speedo remove all the screws to take the cover off

the inside

hooking up the power to see which ones are out..

and replace these bulbs

testing... check back light is working again... so the customer can see in the dark how fast he is going

after dyno... making it ready for the road again... header swap , airbox off

top tie rod loose

and clutch cable loose , and left w-brace connectors loose

and left foot peg bracket off

home made catch can bleed valve :-)

TQ hammer exhaust removed

engine supported and we can loosen the front mounting bolt

engine down... o2 sensor loose

and loosen the header nuts

our test and dyno headers off the bike

putting the flanges back on the 45mm headers and O2 sensor in

and the 45mm headers from the customer back on the bike

engine up again , and front engine bolt back to 66 NM

TQ hammer exhaust back on

mnnn 2010 little scoop needs a little trimming as it toughes the header ( has been doing for a long time at the looks off it )

W brace back in position

bigass oil cooler was mounted... customer asked to trim it . and rattle can it ... flat black...

i'm no painter, but rattle can flat black , no problem ;-)

checking how the oil cooler will fit the best

oil cooler in place and the connections can be mounted again

need to remove the crash protection to mount the rear line ... but it will work... now waiting on the X3 li-ion battery and finish this bike

X1 with a rash... front forks are very badly corroded, will take the headlight mounts off to send these to the coater while we wait on the front forks to arrive

very special this , have never seen the amount off corrosion , i know these can corrode but in this amount

i would not even try to ride this bike like this , and i think we need to cut the legs to remove theme