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17-1-2019: Buell 1125CR valve lash and spark plug

1-8-2019 - What did we do today 17-1-2019: Buell 1125CR valve lash and spark plug check ( big service )

very nice 1125CR bought in for check up — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

running here warm . and opening up the bike — atTwin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

airbox removed.. nice stacks :-)

80 deg. C draining the oil right away to get the most out , right drain plug

and left drain plug

while draining. taking off covers

oil filter out

as we need to rotate the engine side pods loose

new filter in and drain plugs in

easy acces, with with a big service , douse not hurt to have a look at the oil screen filter

suspect the first time looks very good.. strange little piece off tube ?

oil screen pulled out to check the other oil gallery

screen cleaned and pushed back in , it snaps in place

rear brake checking.. as it was feeling a little hanging , this is a problem with the 1125 models

so draining the brake fluid

and removing the hydro switch

feed line of

and remove the brake cylinder, careful pull the booth back , and circlip pliers to take out the lock ring

it is sitcking a little

pushing the piston out

this is the piece that is troubeling.. it corrodes and corrodes shut to the cylinder , leaving it sticking and the rear brake can seas

cleaned lubes and ready to go back in

heel guard is part of the mounting

cotter pin back on bleeding and testing.. feels very good now

belt check .. mnn not to bad, but a nasty crack

need to talk to the customer about this

for now on with the service.. bike swaped on the lift

pulling out the ignition cover plug

this can leak some oil !!

setting up the front lift, to have more room to work

front brackets loose

and engine mount bolts out

the O2 cables have been re routed already on this bike , still need to clear the horn wires

intake air guide out

and engine rotated down

front plug.. you can see the wear on the tip

checking the gap on the new plug

valve cover of , use a rage to hold form oil dripping on the header

mnn intake cam had a blister, looks like a casting blister.. no wear or wear marks on the finger , not a real big problem

checking valve lash. perfectly ok

cleaned the cover and back on

cleaned the coil .. put some silicone grease on the booth

coil on.. did not like the retention of the connector.. ziptie for secure fixing

now the rear... cables being tight is a problem to get the cover of

so battery disconnected

and loosen the starter solinoid

sensors and fuel line disconnected .. better acces to the cover

rear plug replaced

cover of , valve lash ok

cover back on. carefull the gaskets can drop of by handleing ,, feel around the outer edge . allot off work when you discover a oil leak from this at the firt start

coil in and hooking up the connectors

engine can go up

plug back in the cover

engine mounting bolts in

and tighten theme

normaly i need to loosen the bracket side bolts as the front holes not line up perfect

front fork oil , protect the cap nuts

checking the rebound settings before i unscrew the top cap / rebound needle

new oil in and forks back in

front wheel in

and axle to 55 Nm

don't like this hit and mis spacing wil twist the muffler a little — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

making some noise :-)

she is running sweet , heating up for oil level check


last covers back on

airbox on

checking the throttle working so it is not sticking with to the aribox base

airbox mounted... realy nice color

al fluids look to be done

now checking the blink rate. need some resistors