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31-5-2018,, engine rebuild XB12X, Service XB12STT

5-12-2018 - What did we do today: 31-5-2018, engine rebuild Buell XB12X 08, Service and check up Buell XB12STT

xb12x 08 case back from the machine shop , — atTwin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

there was a odd ball bearing mounted, which you see the marking in al ready , desision was made to transfer back to stock

but this means the bigger hole needed to first be filled.. than new race in and hone in line for the new crank

oil jets and reed valve back in

reed valve ( case breather system ) mounted

little drop light loctite on the screws

the oil jets have stick on gaskets.. these have been reused to long

with some new gaskets back on 

detend arm and spring back on

mounting tool we made

to keep the detent arm out off harms way closing the cases

cleaning the other side

and gear box needed to be pressed in

gearbox pressed in

slide the shifter forks on first

slide the shifter drum in

position the forks and place the sliding rods

cleaning and degreasing the halves

crank in

small bead off sealer on the edge

and closing the cases.. should go easy.. turn the gears and crank.. the case should drop in place

red loctite on the bolts.. and tighten the case bolts

check the gearbox of shifts ok al gears.

side play crank bearing plate in

new seal , ready greased for mounting

seal in and put the lock ring i

and spacer in.

stator mounting.. some silicone on the rubber plug will help it seal overtime

stator bolts in

mnnn some loctite left over ( counter shaft holder bolt )

clean the threads , new loctite on to hold it tight

c-clips in for the bearings

rear engine mount. and speed sensor

yining op the cams, the flats are for the oil pump

rest of the cams in

my 11 o clock apointment.. very familiar bike.. been away for some years, had some more owners not back with new owner and new motor rider, for a check up

cover of 

mnnn why is everybody doing this... ? it really douse not help , and no it douse not suck vacuum to the top cover , only of you mount it bad

fuel vent ending behind the starter motor

bolt missing..

clutch cable ? routing is a little odd

some rubbing marks.. wil take care off this

and exhaust straps put on the lazy way.. looks bad.. and will hit the speed bumps

we detected leaking intake seals , so we are rotating the engine.. easy with service

clutch cable loose

losening the front strap

rear pads need replacement

rear wheel check

belt has seen better days

ok will replace it right now ..

swing arm brace removed.. and new belt on

gearbox oil in, D4 atf was already in.. upgrade clutch pack

primairy chain check.. way to loose

new pads to old ones

? hold valve open fake cable thingy ? will do this properly

engine supported and loosen the front bolt

top side connenctions loose

with the engine down.. easy to replace spark plugs

front cable douse not "click" on the coil anymore

manifold back on

exhaus strap.. front is one done

new strap on

looks better right... no bolts under the exhaust

clutch cable trough the top plate

hooking up the throttle bodie

and front end check

wheel bearings are ok

customer had a little mishap , brake lever bended but also broke

new black one mounted

do the clutch lever to .. in black

bleeehhh this has been a while since this was replaced

clean and new fluid in

rear brake also fluid change.. needed to remove the reservoir to do so ..

test ride .. :-) and setting the oil level.. glad to see the new owner likes the bike..

on with the engine , pinion gear on the crank

lock tool in place

26 Nm + 17 deg.. and red loctite

oil pump gasket.. please check you have the right one.. as we see very old off these gaskets , these miss a hole

oil pump in

rotors in , and cover on hold the gasket with the 
3 lower bolts

tighen these with a drop of loctite.. i see these come loose ones in a while

base gaskets om

and cylinders and pistons out ( bored OS stock cylinders )

oil scraper rings on

and use the rear of the piston to push down the ring evenly to measure

check the gaps

these are ok

cleaned in hot soapy watter, check with a clean rag , it stays clean .. than some break in oil and coat the wall

pistons upsidedown

check the piston direction

clips in one side

on the connection rods.. using cylinder hold downs. to prevent the cylinders from banging up side down

rear cylinder on

and mouting the push rod covers

head on.. first the o-rings.. than locate the dowls