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30-10-2014 1125 Health check up, more XB repair.

31-10-2014 - Buell X1, front pads change. Buell 1125 Health check up. Buell XB hazard light unit, XB Brake disk, XB Rear Wheel widening.

Buell X1, front pad change, on the X1 the front brake pads where due for change, loosening the rotor bolts will give enough room to remove the caliper.


Buell X1, front pad change, with the old pad out and rotor loosened , the caliper can be take off with out damaging the wheel


Buell X1, front pad change,, new pads in and caliper back on, crew the rotor bolts back in with loctite.


Buell X1, front pad change, running warm, to check and set tps , and check the oil level, test ride to break in the pads a little and she is ready for the winter.


Buell 1125R, health check, service was done by HD dealer, but the customer was send to us for some Buell specific problems and things they have to little know how for .


Buell 1125R, health check, as the bike can not hold a battery charge for more than a week, charging system and battery check first , bought ok.


Buell 1125R, health check, now oil used by the HD dealer was a little not to our standards for the 1125, so we changed this after contact with the customer, a well tuned 1125 engine really can use a very good synthetic oil , oil drain while hot right side plug.


Buell 1125R, health check, and left side plug out to get the most off the oil out.


Buell 1125R, health check, and refill with 10W40 full synthetic the Motul 300V oil is the top off the line oil from Motul, and can take the punishment and long service time on the 1125 engine


Buell 1125R, health check, wheel bearing check.. pinch bolt rear axle was missing.


Buell 1125R, health check, checking coolant level.


Buell 1125R, health check, front wheel bearing check, all ok.


Buell 1125R, health check, now for the power drain on the 1125, i know the early model speedometers drained to much power, need to get it out to check the Software version ( on the newer models you can check this in the diagnostic mode.


Buell 1125R, health check,, mnnn need to find the papers on this, but from memory this is a old version with the drain problem.


Buell 1125R, health check, yep, to bad the previous owner did not care for this ( or was told to keep the bike on the charger ) this could have been replaced under warranty, sadly this is no longer the case, we will order a new speedo meter for the customer.


XB12Stt, making ready for a fat tyre


XB12Stt, making ready for a fat tyre, rear wheel out and pulley / disk off.


XB12Stt, making ready for a fat tyre , tyre off , we have some spare wheels lying around we can use to keep the bike mobile, the customers wheel is send off to the widening shop  will be nice to look at.


XB12Scg, installing hazard lights.


XB12Scg, installing hazard lights , the module needs a feed and ground , and feed to the indicators Left and Right , easy job, 


XB12Scg, installing hazard lights, with a short tail all ready mounted , and HID light at the front ( very full behind the flyscreen ) , we need to place the box in the tail section, the normal feeds for the no longer used licence plate light we can use for the power to the box.


XB12Scg, installing hazard lights, wires tot the indicators Left and right.


XB12Scg, installing hazard lights, system check will be a Big help driving trough traffic jams.


Xb12S, after test riding the bike , i could feel the front brake pulsating, customer had noticed this as well.


Xb12S, after test riding the bike , new disk mounted, for a trouble free ride