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29-10-2016 Exhaust valve error XB, XB12 88 custom

16-11-2016 - 29-10-2016 Exhaust valve error XB, XB12 88 custom project buildup

06 uly in with a error light... you don't notice anything riding ? very good suspect is the exhaust valce solinoid as this bike still is stock / exhaust ... reading out the error.. yep

well there are 2 ways to fix this... replace the solinoid , and wait on the exhaust to rattle out , or disable it and pull the exhaust valve open

customer choice the disable it ,ok airbox off

to loosen the cable from the solinoid

we need to remove the exhaust to have acces tot the valve , so chin spoiler off

and pully cover off

front clamp loose

front strap a few turns loose

with long extensions you can get to the rear straps

and remove the front hanger bolt

exhaust removed, and unscrew the bowden cable

i leave the cable on, but fold it back and put some heatshrink tube over it, these loose cables are like saws

i use lock wire but any heat resitance cable will do to pull the valve open permanent

exhaust back on can be usefull to hold it up with a jack

some customer asked last week jack points on the exhaust , yes see the arrow mark ;-)

straps back on , don't tighten the front strap to hard, it will snap when the exhaust gets hot

give a few taps with a hammer to free the slip on connection from tension in the headers and thighten the clamp

not put off the active mufler control

and you can put out the error light

XB12 -> 88 cc project the base bike is a 06 XB12 with the helical cut gears

and the shifter drum is steel now , as the aluminum one on the 03-05 models could burr soem

the sliders pins are also different now on the forks, for the steel drum... the older models have a bearing like system

this gear box is not to difficult to press in, but still done best upside down, seen to many pressed out c-clip holders because people did this wrong :-X

bought gear shafts ready to have the case presssed over

shift forks loosely in place

put the drum in and position the forks in there gangways

and give theme a tap to secure these in the case holes

test the box all works well , and shifts

to mount the cases back to getter, very usefull to have a tool to have the detent plate out the way

tool screwed in ...