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19-2-2015, BuellXB problem child and more.

20-2-2015 - BuellXB problem child. BuellXb9 engine disassembly. Buell 1125 Wheel bearings.

XB Problem child, she just don't want to run nice, running on 1,5 cylinders , after putting on fresh bored cylinders and oversize pistons, due to compression differance,


XB Problem child, sparks are working ( easy check with a induction spark tester ) 


XB Problem child, basics check all done, it reacts on intake leak test, before this tested ok, ok take the engine down , removing the foot peg bracket for engine rotation , some times looking at a problem, you cannot find a awnser, looking in the wrong direction.


XB Problem child, fender off to protect the paint work and engine rotated down.


XB Problem child , intake manifold screws out.


XB Problem child , that flange looks not really nice.


XB Problem child, and the coil bracket is a little off center.


XB Problem child , easy way to check or set for center, use s allen key in the cooling fins and eye ball the bracket.


XB Problem child , testing the fitment with out gasket and flanges looks ok ish.


XB Problem child , the flanges are not so nice, they are bend way to much.


XB Problem child , with other flanges the rear running douse not seam to line up , leaving a big gap on the left rear side, and also the reason the coil bracket was not in the middle, as the manifold will not line up nice.


XB Problem child,left side looks better.


XB Problem child, but the left side douse not look good, after testing running, still the same, i let here cool , and try to find a other manifold i can use to test.


XB9r engine strip, with the last oil change way to much debris in the oil, customer took the engine out, will strip it and see whast is wrong, i suspect a main bearing race.


XB9r engine strip, customer left everything on.


XB9r engine strip, now i think i can find a xb bolt blind folded, but it works faster if you don't have to look for theme.


XB9r engine strip, gearbox oil was also left in, so engine the hoist to hover, and drain the oil.


XB9r engine strip, primary cover off .


XB9r engine strip, ad the the repair it needs a new chain tensioner.


XB9r engine strip, primairy drive off.


XB9r engine strip startermotor off , stator out.


XB9r engine strip, timing cover drilled off.


XB9r engine strip, and timing pick up out.


XB9r engine strip, bag and tag.


XB9R engine strip, draining the crank case oil.


XB9r engine strip, draining the crank case oil , the magnet is picking up metal debris.


XB9r engine strip, after cleaning, yes look like main bearing race surface is failing.


XB9r engine strip, oil pomp douse not show any dammage , so could be lucky and not to much dammage.


XB9r engine strip, after a little cleaning i let the engine drain for to night.


125 Wheel Bearing, customer drove by, for coffee, but mentioned there was some rust water from his wheel when he washed it !!! for me alarm bells ringing and i really want to check this... and don't want to send some one off with a broken wheel bearing.


1125 Wheel Bearing, i would say lucky he got to here ( long drive ) the bearings are toast.


1125 Wheel Bearing, so new bearings pressed in and brake disk was also vibrating, we had made a other apoint ment for this, but with the wheel out, very little trouble to do it now.


1125 Wheel Bearing, looks like the floater have been in the wrong way , i will mount theme back good.


1125 Wheel Bearing, new disk on. The disc is our own and can be found here: 


1125 Wheel Bearing, and moutning new pads. Brake pads


1125 Wheel Bearing, little loctite on the caliper bolts.


1125 Wheel Bearing, and tq down to 50 NM.


XB12SS special,late Xmas present, customer is woking on a nice custom job on his XB , and needed his wheel to be a little bigger smile-emoticon will look nice We wide the wheels look here: