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12-1-2019 1125R inspection running engine noise

3-7-2019 - What did we do today 12-1-2019: Buell 1125R inspection and engine noise?

time to strip and have a look, as i have a suspician what the problem is ( piston pins worn out )

much work has put in this bike already.. very nice

open up the top end..

old model ( 2008 model ) full plastic fuel line, be carefull these can break very easy

solinoid out to make some room

now first to strip some body panels

left pod loose

very nice paint work..

looks like we have a broken exhaust bracket

loosening the exhaust rear peg holder loose

turn the idler wheel to clear the bolt hole

indeed exhaust front bracket broken

mnnn there is the other one

that sould be here... wil weld theme back on

now making a little room to tinker.. front wheel out

nasty habit to put my fingers in a hole and poke around... these are ok

remove the intake air scoop

free the wires

time to drain the coolant

removing the front header

nice how the pipes bend around the nut

now take the injection bits out

hrottle cables loose

long flex hose clamp screw drivers... don't need theme much , but when you do , your are very happy with theme

as this would be a crime to loosen

throttle body of and sic valve loose

throttle body out

always nice and impressive to see..

loosen the intake runners

vacuum hoses MAP sensor

and vacuum hose clutch membrame

there is the thermostate valve housing ...

now first a little cleaning , loose dirt and sand , as we are goin to open the engine

moving down.. radiator pods of, clean these now and than

connector cooling fan

carefull with cleaning.. the radiators grid is fragile

also care full to remove the compensating hose clamps. the aluminium pipes crack very easy on the radiator housing

left side open

rigth side out to

lower hose out the way .. 2e UNC screw on the bike

and right side open

loosening the engine mounts

and clearing the wire loom.. as i have a feeling the engine needs to come fully

front of the engine cable holder

and main cable connection loose

loosen the rear bolt just a little , engine will rotate easier, and as you will fasten theme again, so no worry rotating the engine up and down will loosen these

loosen the rear bolt just a little , engine will rotate easier, and as you will fasten theme again, so no worry rotating the engine up and down will loosen these

engine rotated down.. valve cover off

the cam train lookes very nice

no markings what so ever on the cams

turn the cams marking horizontal , so the lock tool can be used

bolt out

chain tensioner plug needs to come out , to give the chain some play

these can be very tight needed a breaker bar to loosen this one

cam drive gear of

and putting a wire on the chain , incase it drops down the case..

chain guid out

and 8 bolt loose to remove the cams as one assembly

keep it to getter

taking out the shims 1 by 1

and write down how much and where.. we need to check any way , but easier to first mount "in the ball park "

int he chain channel. are 2 bolts , don't forget these

as long as the cylinder wall

loosening the head bolts

big ass bolts grade 10.9

and the head is free

dual layer head gasket with silicone

cam chain tensioner , take it out before it falls out

some markings on the cylinder wal ( nicasil ) — atTwin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

piston ring gap orientation strange to the front — atTwin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

as i suspected.. piston pins are worn out, here pushed down — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

and here pushed up.. this shoule be a slide only fitting.. measered .. and new rods are also needed ( see also video ) — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.