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6-3-2019 1125CR leaking, and Torque Hammer exhaust

14-11-2019 - What did we do today 6-3-2019 1125CR oil out breather hose, 1125R leaking and mounting stage 1 kit

very nice 1125CR was waiting on some attention — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

some how she is spuwing out oil from the case breather.. checked the oil level several time , and she is only doing it when hot

opening up the airbox... sometimes i expect small critters here.. dirt sucker

all wet from oil

breather hose runs down to the left side off the engine

could it be block oil filter.. just checking .. nope , and i don't think the rings are worn.. as the bike douse not do black smoke

ok taking of the ignition cover, oil cooler line loose

timing sensor out

this is the breather channel, runs throught the gear and bearing

to the pocket in the engine case , nothing fancy

mnn.. spotted a sliver of a seal ?

behind the needle bearing is a seal.. looks like this was damaged during mounting

ok bearing needs to come out.. lets try with slide hammer puller...on a old cover

that douse not work.. ok taking the cover of

normaly pull the bearings out works

ok on the bike cover

the damaged seal

also with blind bearing puller out

That never happened before.. learning everyday

new seal in

and bearing pushed back in

prepping the cover for mounting , bead of silicone on the rubber

new gasket on and oil the hollow balans gear for the new seal

cover on

finger the breather hose booth over the inlet in the airfilter bottum

and base plate on.. check the throttle it douse not stick ( happens allot , sticking on the rubber )

and heating up

heating up.. and vapour out the breather hose , and no oil mist

checking oil level and test ride

it can use some


next 1125R 2008. only 6500 km on it

battery problem... battery drains to quick.. needs to be standing for 2 to 3 weeks easy... eeeh yeah.. not with this one.. ,

please to not mount like this.. you will never get the pole to tighten

and this is also not good.. terminal under a angle , leaves to little contact points

anyway... howmuch douse this drain dvm in amps on ground cable disconnected .. mnnn that is allot

measure between the loose pole and cable ( do not make contact if your dvm is not fused , as to much amps is drawn )

now the 08 models first dash had a drain problem.. makeing the battery drain very fast... but with the use of the kill switch this would be better

mnn ok the heated grips system connected directly to the battery douse not help

ok down by half. but still way to much

all aditional cables off .. stil way to much 4 m Amps .. this should be around 0,15 for the dash clock and hold the odo meter reading

bike has still a old firmware version

ok lest update this

as we also need to put a fuel mapping in

and while i'm here change the exhaust

left rear bolt

left front the 08 models had a nice plate , 09-up the did no longer bother

the just out off line front bolt out

and loosening the right footpeg, helps the exhaust to come loose as it is clamped inbetween the peg brackets

carefull with the knitted gaskets

whoop .. long time not seen one.. TH1 exhaust


battery switch mounted in the back.. added a small cable

yes .. in the off position.. no battery drain at all . so it will stay good for longer periodes

this switch is small enough to fit under the pilion tray , the key can come out, but in on or off position the key stays in .. perfect

and mounting the positive cable better.. using a m8 nut as spacer