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01-11-2014 Buell XB Wheel bearing failure and more

18-11-2014 - Buell Xb Wheel bearing failure. Buell Xb electrical gremlins. Buell 1125 Thermostat change.

XB Wheel Bearing failure, a little to long, and customer noticed something some time ago, but did not expect the bearing to fail completely,


XB Wheel Bearing failure, the pulley side bearing was still okish , and could be easy removed.


XB Wheel Bearing failure, now to get the outer race out, will try this with out grinding the race, using a old bearing, remove the bal cage.


XB Wheel Bearing failure, and move the balls to one side.


XB Wheel Bearing failure, now with a pair off pliers, you can push the inner race , removing the balls as we will need theme later .


XB Wheel Bearing failure, collect the balls.


XB Wheel Bearing failure, a dab off grease in the outer race, and fill with the balls.


XB Wheel Bearing failure, pushing the inner race in and the bearing puller can be used.


XB Wheel Bearing failure, the failure did leave some marks but the bearing recess is still good , and the new spacer will not tough the wheel , besure to get all the debris out ( and old balls if there are any , or you will leave a rattle in the wheel ) 


XB Wheel Bearing failure, press tool to pres the new bearings in supporting the inner and outer race , always the brake disk side bearing first !


XB Wheel Bearing failure, new spacer in ,


XB Wheel Bearing failure, and leave the press tool in the other side to support the bearing, now press the pulley side bearing in place , also supporting inner and outer race,this way you can not over stress the bearings, getting theme in to tight.


Xb electrical gremlins, bike has no brake light ,and no dashbord funtions, and no neutral light.


Xb electrical gremlins, first thing to check..fuses , one was broken, but what caused this, as the brake light started doing strange start there.


Xb electrical gremlins, pulling a little on the light tabs made the light go on and off, i bend the connectors a little more so the contact to the light bulb socket is better, this did the trick.


Xb electrical gremlins, but the main cause was the extra electrical connection made this was hooked bu the seat hooks and the isolation was stripped , shorting out this circuit , made isolation and rerouted the cables.


Xb electrical gremlins, neutral switch.. well 99% change the switch is bad , removing the pulley cover.


Xb electrical gremlins, measuring the resistance, 0,57 KOhm , way to much and the light will not burn, because off this.


Xb electrical gremlins, as a good switch should have very little resistance.


Xb electrical gremlins, loosening the belt tension.


Xb electrical gremlins, inni mini myni mo , witch crews where for deco and witch are for holding the cover on .


Xb electrical gremlins, with some power tools the pulley nut comes off easy,remember LEFT hand threads !!


Xb electrical gremlins, and with the belt tension slack the pulley can pulled off.


Xb electrical gremlins, old sensor out, be sure you get the old crush washer out !! with 2 washers the neutral light will not switch ( new one comes with the sensor


Xb electrical gremlins, new switch in, check for function.


Xb electrical gremlins, looking at the belt, still the first model, and starting to crack, smart idea to change it now, before you break it ( witch will always happen when you don't need it )


Xb electrical gremlins, swingarm brace off and foot peg mount plate loose.


Xb electrical gremlins, the newest belts are much more robust than the first models belt.


Xb electrical gremlins, belt on, new belts need to strech, so they can be very tight while mounting, text readable for the right rotation , now first put the swing arm brace back on before tightening ( fastening the rear axle )


Xb electrical gremlins, brake fluid change, presky screw would not cooperate.


Xb electrical gremlins, carefully drilling out off the head.


Xb electrical gremlins, and normally you can turn the left over piece out by hand.


Xb electrical gremlins, brake fluid changed, and customized cover plate mounted.


1125R, driving temp not over 65 deg C. bike douse not ref more that 8000 rpm ( cold engine protection ) good change the thermostat is broken ( stays open )


1125R thermostat, removing the airbox.


1125R thermostat , and drain the coolant fluid , the one screw on the water pump housing with the copper washer is the drain screw.


1125R thermostat throttle bodies off , and intake manifolds out.


1125R thermostat loosening the hose clamps, i also take off the left radiator hose , as this is on with a shrink on hose clamp.


1125R thermostat mark the radiator hose for the alignment, so you can put it back on the new thermostat housing the same way


1125R, thermostat, new heat shrink hose "clamp"on 


1125R, thermostat,, and heated with heat gun to activate the clamp.


1125R, thermostat,, thermostat assembly back in place.


1125R, thermostat,, intake manifolds and throttle bodies back on.. fill the coolant and let he engine warm up to bleed the system.


1125R, thermostat, everything good, engine gets up to 80 deg C, after a few minuts , covers back on and ready to go.