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18-9-2014 Big service XB12X, 1125 front fork seal.

19-9-2014 - Buell Xb12X, big service. Buell 1125 front fork seals, bike was waiting for repair, and started making oil marks on the floor. Buell X1 blown engine repair.

Xb12X, big service, after warming up , oil drain and covers off.


Xb12X, big service, gear box oil back in.


Xb12X, big service, checking and setting the primairy chain tension.


Xb12X, big service, checking and adjusting the spark plug gap, before you replace theme.


Xb12X, big service, safe way to put the rear plug in is to start it with a piece off 3/8 oil hose, so you can not cross thread it.


Xb12X, big service, checking the sparkplug wire connectors for corrosion , pushing back the rubber boot, also to mount it to see the connector will go on good and lock in place , push the rubber boot in place.


Xb12X, big service, bike was running bad some times... i wonder why ?


Xb12X, big service, the front spark plug cable was rubbing a long time , with a new cable on, check how it runs, and if the tps cable is in the way, reroute this if this is interfering with the spark plug cable 


Xb12X, big service,front plug wire on.


Xb12X, big service, new oil filter on, and adjusting the clutch cable.


Xb12X, big service, intake seal leak test, noticed the vacuum port can is missing, put one on


Xb12X, big service, rear wheel out for bearing check, and check the belt for ware.


Xb12X, big service,, front wheel bearings check, and change the front fork oil.


Xb12X, big service, loctite on the front brake caliper bolts.


Xb12X, big service, during test ride, i noticed the 2000 rpm rattle, common for Uly's the horn is vibrating against the flyscreen , here you see the markings from the horn on the inside off the fly screen.


Xb12X, big service, bike has has many service inspections ? from other dealers... but still the horn was left to rattle ? stock position of the horn.


Xb12X, big service, will make a little less sound, bet very easy on a Uly to swap this around , so it will not rattle any more.


1125 front fork seals, bike was waiting for repair, and started making oil marks on the floor.. front seals where bad and leaking.


1125 front fork seals,really ugly schratches on the legs , will try to clean theme up.


1125 front fork seals, on the other leg to.


1125 front fork seals, the seal has been leaking for some time as the level dropped about 15 mm ( old level ) 


1125 front fork seals,, level as it should be.


1125 front fork seals,1125 are easy you can mount the seals with out the slider in.


1125 front fork seals,front wheel bearings where gone to, so we put in a pair off new ones.


X1 blown engine repair, engine was overhauled not so long ago, but done not really nice... after a high speed trip, customer needed fuel, and after fuel stop 20 km down the road, the engine stopped, the engine heat soaked during the fuel stop and make everything even tighter, destroying the cylinders.


X1 blown engine repair, 5 gear bearing is also bad, take it out now.


X1 blown engine repair, engine becomes a lot better to handle with out gearbox and starter engine, ready to go our machine shop.