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11-3-2016 XB12R small service, Xb9 2e heat,

1-5-2016 - 11-3-2016 XB12R small service, Xb9 2e heat, XB12SS topend overhaul

very nice paint work on this Firebolt , in for a small service

bling, this is hard to keep theme shiny like this

customer drove in so oil is hot, drain ,and new o-ring and a little hydraulic loctite on the drain plug

customer asked to replace his oil cooler for one he brought with him, as the old one has been leaking, after some repairs allot less, but still it leaks a little the aluminium threads and AN size fitting to the metal connector the oil line can sometimes be a pain, and very easy to detroy a good seal.

scoop off and before i loosen the oil cooler i loosen and remove the lines

oil lines off and cooler can come off, it will leak a little , new one on, i put some hydraulic loctite on the fittings, it should seal on the bevels , don't over tighen the nuts... very easy to destroy the aluminium theads on the cooler

little chain grease on the side stand pivot

and checking the primairy chain ... good to go

Rear wheel bearing check... needed the cheater bar to loosen the axle

i will clean up the axle before i put it back in.

belt is still good... wheel bearings not , i'm replacing theme

hidden brake caliper pads hard to see, needed replacement

new wheel bearing in, axle cleaned , and lubed , ready to go back in

rear axle back to TQ , and tighten the pinch bolt

covers back on... nice paint work on the chin spoiler

front end check , you can spin the wheel , but you will only notice something when the bearings are really bad

front fender off.. axle pinch bolts loose , needed the breaker bar for the front aswell

mnnn yep there about gone.. beter replace theme now.

new bearings in, axle back to TQ , load the suspention to set the forks, and tighten the brake caliper , and test ride smile-emoticon still very chilly over here

little time for the 2e heat cycle on the XB9r, still a little valve train noise... time for a little test ride low rpm to heat up the oil , during idle running the oil will not get to operating temperature before the cylinders / engine gets to hot

xb12ss topend overhaul , bike was consuming way to much oil... cylinders bored to oversize with new pistons, and heads cleaned up.. ready to put here back to getter

valve look allot better after all the oil and crud is removed

grinding the seats.. good contact , after grinding the valves clean everything very good !!


new valve seals on , and gently push the valves in a little oil on the stems for start up

with a valve spring pusher , the valve springs back on and put the retainers in , and this times 2

bored over sized cylinders

nice and fresh hone... clean the cylinder with soapy water, a clean rag needs to come out clean when you whipe the bores

checking the piston ring gaps... usualy there ok... but always check !!!

ring on the pistons , start with the oil ring spacer

and watch for the markings how the rings need to be mounted ( position is marked on the bag the rings came in )

last check for orientation , the valve pockets are the same that is not why there is a orientation on these pistons. but the pistion pin hole is off center, strange things will happen with the power curve if you put theme back the wrong way

piston first on the rod, or pistons first in the cylinder ? i find pistons first in the cylinder easyer.. , coat the bore with some assembly lube before you put theme in —

oriantation check ... better check 2x..

assembly on the bike, push the piston pin though the connecting rod ... don't forget to put the base gaskets on first

the first piston pin clip i already put in , the 2e one needs to be done on the bike... well i'm not that lucky , so i cover the case holes so when i drop the clip.. it is not into the case

cylinder pushed down on the case , i have some nice hold down nuts to hold the cylinder to the case, so when i mount the front one and the crank moves this cylinder will not bump around

front cylinder assembly on , piston clip on

new style OEM headgaskets don't use o-rings ( o-rings around the locating dowls in the cylinder )

now first the pushrod covers on , new gaskets

rear head first, is easier for the work space , first push the head on the pushrod cover than locate the dowls on the cylinder , so you will not pich the top pushrod cover o-rings

head on... bolts need to go in

a drop off oil on the base and threads , and hand fasten theme for now

front head.. pushrod cover o-rings first in the head, a drop off oil ro protect theme during mounting

head pushed over the pushrod cover and find the dowl pins on the cylinder

and start the tightening / loosening procedure

mark the bolts, for the final TQ step

pushrods back.. check the markings they are different in lenght , and rocker cover base gasket on

start all the bolts in the rocker box , and gently start tighening the big ones first , when you have tension take little strokes so the tappeds have time to bleed a little , keep the rocker box as level as can be


new gaskets on for the cover and tighten the crews 14NM

and o the same for the rear.. rotate the engine so you can use the holes in the frame to get your tools on the right way

wire loom needs to go back under the top off the frame

top engine bracket and coil bracket back on, line the coil bracket out so the manifold support hole is down the middle in between the cylinders

intake manifold back on

headers back on , starting to look like something

front head mount back on red loctite on the bolts

and engine is up , tighten the mushroom bolt to 66 Nm