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23-3-2018 XB12SS Finish belt, levers, XB9R ready

5-7-2018 - What did we do today: 23-3-2018 Buell XB12SS Finish belt and levers, Buell XB9R ready from running in on the dyno, last things , Buell X1 restauration

nice bits came in or this SS

lever change to Oberon ones 

Black and orange combination :-)


clutch the same.. no need to loosen the clutch cable adjuster

hook it in , and turn the lever in.. take care for the clutch switch

needed to do the belt on this bike

rear axle turned about 15 turns out so the axle is on the thin part

foot peg plate of 

and carefully turn the belt on the pulleys 

now first the swingarm brace in 

than tighten the axle to 66 NM 

pulley cover on

and the front piece to cover the wires

and rear fender back on —

she is ready for the season 

the XB9r has done it's km on the dyno to run in the new bores and fresh OS pistons, now the run in oil can be replaced for normal oil

airbox cover on

while on the dyno i could here the belt squel over the idler pulley.. i put some more tension on the belt tensioner

the sample port screws can go in ( we are using this with a vacuum extracter ) 

and draining the break in oil 

check the plug or debris. as we try to clean as good as we can, the swing arm is very hard to clean inside, the oil gets filterered before it enters the engine, but still better to have it clean off debris 

chin spoiler on

a little cleaning up 

she is running very nice

setting the oil level

last things.. new decal triple t 

little cleanin un the top plate , and firebolt plate on 

stil need to mount the USB feed .. mnn this looks ok

marking up

dril and tap

and screw on the mount

pulling through the wires to mount eh socket 

will hook up the power for the usb charger to the light feed.. and i'm comming a cross my 2e favorite electrical connection ... shees.

some wire restoration.. and new light bulb was needed 

looping the usb port wire , so it can be removed easy

and she is ready. for here new life.. she is a looker.. the black wheels makes here purdy 

x1 restauration intake manifold off 

fuel pressure hose.. looking like this better to replace

and when you see rust in the fuel filter.. eeehhh — 

i will check and clean the injector ss 

some swearing further as the small allen head on the screw look nice, but is not there to help when the screw is nearly seazed , injectors out 

testing and cleaning.. these are ok

cleaning the throttle body.. common problem on the tps wire.. isolation is pulling back .. this on the ground wire..would not be to much issue

getting new bolts for the intake flanges 

and a new screw for the fuel rail.. M5 size for people who would like to know 

injectors cleaned..

and mounted with a coat off rubber grease on the o-rings 

and new screw tight

new fuel hose on.. easier now 

throttle cable secureing plate back on the throttle cables

and mounting the intake manifold

line the manofold up, with the mounting bracket , than tighten the intake flanges