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9-4-2016 Xb12S breakdown, little check Xb and X1

26-5-2016 - 9-4-2016 Xb12S breakdown, little check Xb and X1

earl;y morning arrival helped by the road service battery is flat , bike douse not charge ?

mnnn road service looked at it and the battery pole is still loose ? will tighten it

and do a diagnostics on the charging system, as on the battery i will get about 13.9 volts , locate the connector from the regulator tot he battery , and stator to the regulator

with bought connectors loose and you DVM with diode check take the feed pole on the 2 pin connector from the regulator ( output ) and the the other lead to one off the ingoing fase wires to the regulator

with the DVM on diode check, leads one way around you will mesure the test voltage your dvm give ( normaly 0,5 volts ) notice my battery is down from my DVM ... and test all 3 fase wires, they should be the same , and all be open, as s sign the diode is letting current through

now swap the leads.

and all diodes should block now ..ok so far the regulator is ok

check thos on al fase leads

next check you can do is , mesure resistance from the outgoing stator leads to ground.. they all should be non conductive , i you measure resistance here .. the stator is burned for sure

do this on all 3 leads comming out off the primairy cover

other thing you can check, but i never find anything wrong with this... fase resistance

take any pair off fase leads and measure... should be all about the same

last cehck you can do , put the dvm in AC volts

and check the range is good ( mine douse not do this automaticly for AC volts ) range 0 to 40 volts is good —

and put the plugs in 2 off the outgoing stator leads , and start the bike , idle on any pair off face leads sould be 18 - 20 volts AC

with a little rpm this sould go up to about 40 volts at 3000 rpm .. ok this is all ok

but i noticed the battery started smoking... a jump start fromt he road service and riding with loose battery connections will do strange things... for now hard to tell if the battery is still good ? it is empty.. and the trying and running at this point is cooking the battery , i will put the battery unders a conditioner charger and test again after the weekend

xb12S pre season check

check battery poles

belt is gone.. stil the first one G0500.1AAA will put a other one on

rear wheel bearing check... yep these can do with replacement aswell

as do the idler pully bearings

so bracket off

and wheel out, wiggle the spring clip out

new bearings pressed in

ready to go back on

takeing out the swing arm brace for belt replacement

yup... this one is gone

wheel back in with fresh bearings, first put the swinarm bracket back on

swap for the front side check

bearings are good to go

i did feel the suspention was really off .. talked with the customer and set it a little better, i think he will like it

X1 check up ... i had to look twice... she is really pampered , bike looks very nice still 113000 km that is allot good going

only thing i could detect is old model rockerbox gaskets and they are starting to leak rear

and the front one also starts to leak , we will make a apointment to replace these

primairy chain still perfect

so many km and still a looker :-) make me happy