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15-2-2018 XB9R pistonpin, 1125 start striping for

10-5-2018 - 15-2-2018 XB9R pistonpin, 1125 start striping for head removal

after 5 startups and the frist few km's on the dyno to run here in.. i could here a very light rattle, off the throttle.. not valves , no crank.. and you don't here it always.. with the stetoscoop you can here it rear cylinder on the cylinder.. sound like pistonpin bearing is not playing nice

so striping.. with every thing clean.. easy and a joy to work on this bike , axle loose 

belt tensioner of 

removing the exhaust 

and loosening the clutch cable for engine rotation 

w-brace loose

and front bolt out

moving to the top.. disconnecting and top tie rod loose

throttle bodie of

head sensor wire and O2 sensor loose ( header removed )

loosen the cover

and first look inside , could still be a broken off bolt, ratteling ( seen this beore ) 

pushrods out

and cylinder head bolts loose 

head removed.. first look down.

now first the pushrod cover of 

oiling to the heads is good

cylinder looks also good. fresh, still needs to run in.. but looks good

piston cleaned, was some depostit as we did not really get this engine up to temperature yet

ahh bugger.. very hard to feel but it is a little to much. i know XB9 are more toughy about this

so to make a new bushing in.. normaly better to do with crank out but, it can be done with the engine in the bike 

first to fixate the rod end. so the bearings will not get a beating

puller / press toll to press the old one out 

so far do good 

pressing in the new one

checking the center of the bushing trough the oiling hole

with the new bushing in.. needs to be reamed to size

slow job

almost there.. needs to slide relative easy, but shouls not feel anyplay

ready.. now forst to clean the debris 

cleaning the cylinder and reoil , pison in checking orientation

assembly back on , using a rag in the case, when the piston pin c-clip flies away

pushrod covers back on 

and cylinder head back on 

rocker box

and rocker cover back on carefull not to pinch the head temp sensor wire 

top bracket and coil bracket back on

lyning out the coil bracket so the intake manifold is centered 

evenly tighten the flanges

headers back on.. very stange to find stock exhaust nuts that are not corroded after 15 years 

engine up and front mount to 66 Nm 

w-brace bolts back in 

exhaust on..

betl tensioner back on 

and tighten the belt again 

turn the rear wheel while you tighten the pully cover, so it douse not rub 

mounting top side

ready to start again 

she is running even nicer... and no rattle anymore.. you here the smallest things with engine running very sweet, and stock exhaust.. now 40-50 km gently on the dyno.. so we can give here back to the customer

1125 cr, striping for head removal.. exhaust of

and front end out 

front header of 

ignition cover open again

remove the plug under the engine to locate and lock BDP 

it will leak a few drops of oil removing the plug

crank tool 

positoning it .. feeling turning the engine over to asure it is in the correct V-notch.. you will notice the v-notch.. still 2 changes front bdp or rear ;-) 

watter pump drain screw.. i behind the rear cover.. to remove the pipe is to much work 

will do this the oldfashion way pulling of the hoses

compendation tank can be removed