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3-3-2016 XB9r Big service first engine check

1-5-2016 - 3-3-2016 XB9r Big service first engine check, XB9r continue startup engine

Nice Xb9r 2003 in for some love and care , as the engine makes some noise we agreed to fist do a diagnostics before we start the service

but she is not going on the road again from us with these front wheel bearings :-X

respect for a XB9 03...

so first clean a little around the oil filler cap

just little things some people don't notice.. belt upgrade is done.. to the 04 -up model belt and pulleys . important to know , other wise if you call for a belt you get the wrong one

so startup... and run idle , i take out my docters tools and lissen , whast the noises are , sounds like valve train / tappeds —

little inspection off the oil in the swing arm with a magnet on a stick ... come out clean, so no bearings.. after contacting the customer, we discused option... opening now, make it more silent ( these older engines are know to make more noise ! but basicly when i open up the engine with this Km done, is complete overhaull, cylinder, pistons, valves , gearbox bearings ect.. knowing what will come. no sence in opening up now, and spend lot off money on the valve train , knowing that the rest will follow shortly, next winter more budget..

cleanest oil drain plug i have seen on a XB9 03.. definate no engine bearing failure

so go ahead witht the service, plugs cleaned and new o-rings and some hydrolic loctite sealer

checking primairy chain.. very nice, this bike has been pampered smile-emoticon

lurbicating the side stand, no chains on buells but the chain lube from Bardhal is nice and sticky , perfect for the side stand

pepairing for the rear wheel check.. removing the lower belt guard is very handy

rear brake caliper off

breaker bar to loosen the rear axle

while i am loosening the rear axle.. i noticed the wheel comes to the right.. sign off frozen bearings on the axle.. do not force it loose by turning, you can put to much force on the swing arm , the 06 up swing arms are even weaker , and you will not be the first the crack the oil tank welds in your swing arm !!!

take a piece off rubber to the left side

and give the axle / swing arm a wack to loosen the frozen bearings on the axle

axle out.. creamic grease ? .. very nice but not sticky.. you see where the bearings have seated the axle is a little corroded

surface corrosion hold the bearings tight

axle out you can lift the belt from the idler and check the bearings on the idler

and with the wheel out. you can check the swing arm bearings for play

rear wheel bearings need also replacement, will do this to morrow when we change the tyre

axle cleaned...

and a light coat off Silicone grease... very sticky and durable

surprice your self.. clean axle and nice grease, you can tighten the rear axle with a finger

sometimes even the nices tools will not help :-X , punching a screw driver trought the oil filter was needed to remove it.. good thing K&n make stronger oil filter than OEM.. with a Oem filter the metal is very thin, and the screw driver trick would only rip open the oil filter

new filter on primed and o-ring lubed , just a little more than hand tight is good

front spark plug change best done from below

rwsh gear box oil in, adjusting the clutch mechinsme , bottuming and 1/4 turn loose

and adjusting the outer cable for the freeplay on the lever.. i wil put some grease on the adjuster to prevent it from corroding, cable looks like new

slowly working to the top.. airbox cover removed

air box base is a bit oily. no surprice after 80000 km, and nobody knows when the last time this was cleaned

but 80000 km done and nobody ever tought off removing the intake air noise restiction ?

i will remove this , and free some horses

other sign bike is pampered, still old style sparkplug cables , still in good condition

rear plug. looking good , good combustion

fresh spark plug for the rear gapped and a little never seas, us a oil hose to start it !!

airfilter base plate cleaned and put back on. no we can take notes on the wear off the piston rings if there is much oil spuwed the next time we open it

time for the front end.. bike turned around on the lift for easy acces —

pinch bolts loos en and axle loose

i will clean this axle to

brake pads will not make it untill next service .. still some life in theme

but the front tire will not make next service to, but still some life in it , so with new tyre we will replace the front pads

yeah the front bearings... let me replace these for you.... don't need to stick my finger in theme to feel if there bad..

stearing head bearing check, with the front wheel out you will feel very good how the condition is , ok in this case

nasty rubbing marks on the right front leg

clutch cable has been rubbing

and on the frame to, good thing they rerouted the cable on the later models

first oil change in the front legs, clean up the bottems as the forks will be slided in complety and we don't want to ruwn the seals

forks ready for oil change

i like to index the rebound markings , fully closed , flat and points indexed before i put on the top caps

i will put a new protective pad over the rubbing mark

and a piece off heat shrink over the the clutch cable

front axle spiffy clean

front wheel back in and axle to TQ left hand threads 55NM —

brake caliper bolts to tq specs 50NM

set the rebound adjsuters back, and load the front suspension a few times to set the front forks

after the front forks are set, tighten the axle pich bolts

front brake fluid change, and lever pivot clean and lube —

fresh brake fluid front

and rear.. now to wait on the tyre and finish this service

XB9R engine startup.. ok time to check the ignition base timing , rear wheel in the air, gear box in 5e gear so we can bump the enigne around with the rear wheel

remove the timing plug and look for the marking on the crank , this needs to be center off the hole, and the iginiton should switch ( with your diagnostics tool )

i loosend the timing plate a little but it felt funny, i could not turn it , after removing , the trigger wheel has been scraping ?

the trigger cup looks distorted, will try to flatten the surface

sharpy markings to see if it is still rubbing... mnnn what is wrong here , i can hammer the trigger cup further , but this will make it crack easy

little bur on the cam ? is that the problem ? i cleaned this off

new trigger wheel sits much deeper tight away

sharpy test with the new trigger wheel ... ok not running anymore

finaly check the base timing

and close off the cover

tps adjsutment screw is missing , need to remove the left aiscoop

hidden behind the spark plug cable

moved to a more acceseble position

and set the tps

last check... oil pressure light works.

start up with a little airpressure in the oil tank, to speed up the oil flow to the top off the heads , if you hear the valves tapping hard there is no oil in the heads, not ideal . it needs to get going fast , starting up after a rebuild , you need oil fast every where

mnnn , runs but like a steam engine.. one plug is not firing.. front header is getting some heat

rear one is cold...need to check the plugs to... ... so much for just do a little start up...