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22-7-2015, some M2 TLC, 883R jetting check

23-7-2015 - What did we do today 22-7-2015, some Buell M2 TLC, and 883R jetting check

some M2 TLC, nice M2 in for some love, daily driver and is it's first motorcycle, nice taste in bikes, i would say smile-emoticon 

some M2 TLC, heating up the bike so most oil is in the oil tank and drain , leave it can take a while wink-emoticon


some M2 TLC,silicone kit ...mehh.. better use a fresh clutch cover seal ubber . little mayo, will check the clutch cable boot

some M2 TLC, boot is still ok, but will lube it and zipty the booth so it is watter tight

some M2 TLC, exhaust off for gearbox oil drain

some M2 TLC, will put some better heast grade in as the 7's are for old sportsters, not for open exhaust pipe buell models, spark plug cable is scuffed

883R jetting check , crasy nice bike, only 5600 km done, bike was doing a little ruckelfarten at 70 km/h... with open exhaust , not sure the jetting was set fot this ,

883R jetting check cover and airfilter off, take the breather plugs out and uncrew the base cover 

883R jetting check , with the choke cable loose from the bracket, pull off the carb

883R jetting check , drain the float bowl by loosening the scew

883R jetting check , main jet was ok, but slow jet was to small for this setup, will step up to 45

883R jetting check , and put in a mid range needle

883R jetting check , mounting everything back, nice these hold one washers.

some M2 TLC, yep that was also where the bike came for , rear isolators are shot... 

some M2 TLC, first rear end check, loosen the axle nut

some M2 TLC, an pul the axle out, catching the adjuster plates ,

some M2 TLC, as usual, wheel bearings are good... not really a issue with Tube frame models

some M2 TLC, so fresh rond tyre back on... he will love this , as the old tyre was something like a car tyre

some M2 TLC, loosen the rear tierod bolt , connecting the left side frame to the swaing arm adaptor, to loosen and remove the isolators 

some M2 TLC, so badly worn that it took no trouble at all to remove these with out to many special tools

some M2 TLC, with the right side isolator out, piece off cake to remove the left side, after removing the foot rest and exhaust bolts

some M2 TLC, left side old isolator, i think i will re-route the breather hose ( open end ) as it is spuwing now right on the rubbers... oil and rubbers don't go to getter very well

some M2 TLC, a little help from a tyre iron and slide the left new isolator back in place 

some M2 TLC, off course it douse not line up, and will be very ahrd to line up , better put the left on in to , so there is tension on the rubbers

some M2 TLC, and with a little tension on the rubbers... you can line out the hole very easy

some M2 TLC, and the b1g bolt back in tighten to 100 NM

some M2 TLC, check the gap on new spark plugs... you need to set these

some M2 TLC, nice new spraky cables on

some M2 TLC, little trick to no spill so much oil on the regulator when you remove the oil filter