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25-3-2015 XB Check up wheel bearing press how to.

26-3-2015 - Buell XB Check up finishing, Belgium Xb with problems, wheel bearing press how to.

XB Check up finishing,, really funny but looks like the front end was put on a rush job, bolt missing , not tight 


XB Check up finishing, rerouting the switch wire cables check if they are not pinching to the front fork.


XB Check up finishing,front wheel check.


XB Check up finishing, the front bearings will not last long.


XB Check up finishing, pressed some fresh ones in.


XB Check up finishing,brake caliper bolts put these in with loctite.


adjusting the seat for the tail raisers, here is a more detailed story how to do that


XB Check up finishing, heating up the base plate to change the bend 


XB Check up finishing, while the seat cools , changed the brake fluid.


XB Check up finishing, High ass smile-emoticon look here for the kit


XB Check up finishing, adjusting the seat lock to the seat will lock, ( usealy with aftermarket short tails you will need to do this )


XB Check up finishing, the wrinkles in the seat cover will go away with time , but dusting it a little with a heat gun helps.


XB Check up finishing, speedo and rpm like the should be.


XB Check up finishing, ready for test ride.


Belgium XB with troubles, bike would not start ? not charging ?


Belgium XB with troubles, some repairs have been made already , the + connection is made from coperpipe and soldered on the cable, the connection was loose.


Belgium XB with troubles, with the engine running... no charge.


Belgium XB with troubles, first i will check if the stator is still good... as i can see peeple have been thinkering with it already.


Belgium XB with troubles, first check the stator lead to ground for continueaty , set the dvm to AC Volts, and start the engine, running little over idle, 35 volts and raising when i ref the bike, stator is good.


Belgium XB with troubles, having spares is a easy way to check , we replaced this one as it stops charging while hot, will do perfect to test.


Belgium XB with troubles, charging.. ok regulator is broken, , will replace this for a new one, we see the 2008-up regulator fail more often.


Belgium XB with troubles, first checking the rest off the bike... rear wheel bearings.


Belgium XB with troubles... my god... even with the breaker bar i needed to put some serious effort in lossening the rear axle way to tight.


Belgium XB with troubles, corrosion on the threads douse not help.


Belgium XB with troubles, tell tail signs a bearing is going bad.


Belgium XB with troubles, old bearings pulled out.


Belgium XB with troubles, pressing bearings, support the inner and outer race, a little lubricant on the bearing to preserve the wheel, as it has only so many bearing changes before the hole gets to big , press in the brake side first to the seat.


Belgium XB with troubles, turn the wheel around and leave the bearing stamp in supporting the races, spacer in, and press in the pulley side off the bearing untill you though the spacer, this way the bearings are not stressed and will live longer.


Belgium XB with troubles, fresh and easy turning.


Belgium XB with troubles, belt check.. starting to have some ware marks and cracks.


Belgium XB with troubles, you see on the base off the teeth the cracks starting, if your belt is like this , keep a eye out on it , and order the replacement.


Belgium XB with troubles, wheel back in, with the belt slack, put the inner belt guard back.


Belgium XB with troubles, as we need to replace the exhaust, i remove the idler wheel bracket.


Belgium XB with troubles, at least i try to... some bikes you need to fight every bolt and nut, the bracket is seazed on the studs by corrosion.


Belgium XB with troubles, corroding rear brake caliper bolts starting to corrode, clean and neverseas these.


Belgium XB with troubles, next bolt that had a mind off its own... and snaped off ( exhaust front mount ) 


Belgium XB with troubles, exhaust removed.


Belgium XB with troubles, front bearing check.. this axle was also way to tight, and spinning the wheel i could even hear these bearings.


Belgium XB with troubles, desaster waiting to happen, would not have long before these would have failed... bike had been serviced not long ago... please every service.. take the wheels out and check your bearings... you can only feel it with the wheel in if they are really bad.