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7-3-2019 2009 XB12X service 2006 XB issues M2 oil

20-11-2019 - What did we do today 7-3-2019 Buell Xb12X time in for service, Buell 2006 fixing electrical issue, Buell M2 oil pump leak an battery change

09 Uly in for service — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

will reposition the ecm right away.. we see to many failures with the ecm connectors cracking

while she is warming up here oil , ecm loose and bending the rear bracket

the ecm can sit here and the seat will not hurt it anymore

tighten with ziptie.. i had designed a nice bracket, but the cutting and bending became very expencive low production numbers

draining the engine oil

mnnn something is leaking here — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

the 2 screws right next to the tensioner nut where only hand tight.. and started to leak primairy oil

to prevent this happening again.. loctite on the screw

and i could tighten al the bolts on the cover

shifter lowering bracket back on.. put loctite on these bolts

checking gearbox oil level.. still ok not to worry

rear brake caliper on to check the wheel bearings

oil filter of and leave to drain a little

clearing the belt covers

prime oil filter and mount it

checking the belt on cracks and damage.. use a light !!

rear wheel out.. bearings are ok

wheel back in and axle to TQ specs

rear wheel of the ground .. in 5e gear, to bump the engine around

to check the primairy chain tension.. check on 3 places !! tension can differ very much

front end check

meeh... wil put it right ( rubber should protecting the line inbetween the fender

very tipical 2008 up full size uly front fork.. with the offset on it

checkig the front wheel.. bearings are ok

55 nm on the axle

use loctite on the brake caliper bolts.. and set to 50NM

front fender back on

press down the front end a few times... to set the front forks on the axle

and tighen the pich bolts

front brake fluid.. the rubber membrame lets through brake fluid over time , nasty stuff

new brake fluid

and bleed the rear brake . pump the lever some to clean the full travel of the bore on the master cylinder

function check and heat up the bike

oil level setting.. perfect.. little test ride and this one is ready

next Uly.. 06 one , had a issue with the starterbutton.. popping fuses..

opened up the cable harness to ceck the wires , much easier with the left fork leg out

taped and guide back on

handle bar switch wires

every thing back and tidy again

front fork back in. but the wheel bearigs are toast..

sorry i do not make gambles with wheel bearings. when we see abad one, we replace

and put some grease on the axle.. so the bearings will not corrode on the axle

the tire is on its last end.. defenaly as it is long lasting you see these wear out squire ... and flat with much highway use

front wheel back in

fender and scoop on

tighen the subframe rails.. after some checking.. this caused the problem, as these are active ground conductor

and as these where about loose .. easy to check push down the tail.. if you hear squiking some thing is loose . i did a drop off loctite on these

we often check these ground points but don't check the mounting bolts on the rails...

i will place back a new relais.. as this one douse work, but the cover is cracked

new spare fuses.. with the right amps.. and test ride :-)

M2 oil leak.. we checked on the dyno this Bike so the oil gets hot ( running idle douse not wiork ) we noticed the leak happens at the oil pump

so rear of the bike supported to remove the shock

feed pressure oil line of, use 2 spanners

oil pump out.. gasket is cracked

on more point

wil check the oil pump cover it self.. the o-ring on the pump it self

wil put a new o-ring on

and with new gasket mounting the pump back

shock and canister back on

bracket back on

and replacing the battery , loosening the ground ( the heat shield was already taken of

with the wide ass M2 models.. best to loosen the tail section to change the battery

fuel tank retention bolt loose

and keep it up with a piece of wood

tail section lifted a little off..and loosening the battery strap

new big ass high power battery in

before the tail section goose on easy to mount the heat shield

tail section bolts and lugage straps , note these have a short and long one

as the oil drained when we took out the oil pump... adding

let here warm up for oil level check and test ride

half to 3/4 on the stick .. perfect