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16-3-2019 XB9SX checkup Xb12S make it run again

15-1-2020 - What did we do today 16-3-2019 Buell XB9SX in for check up and front tyre, Buell XB12S making it run after long time, side stand

one of the nicest XB9Sx 09 around , wel kept — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

rizoma oil cap

drain while hot

just a little chain lube on the side stand

old oil filter of

rear wheel bearing check.. all good

and fresh filter on, put some oil in there to prime

the red screws are very nice

checking the primairy chain.. hot bike the play is less

swapped the bike around.. front end check

and a new front tyre

new michelin road 5 on and wheel back in

caliper on drop of loctite on the bolts and set to 50 NM

press the front end down to set the forks on the axle

and tighen the pich bolts

front brake fluid replacement

and for the rear to

checking the oil level , after warming up

and new rubbing tape on the front leg

as the old one had come of degrease very good !!

mnn. side stand , we tried to tighten the bolt... but the head broke of right away.. has been repaired al ready

will make it a permanent never worry about it repair

modify the side stand for the new model pin

masive with c-clip .. wil neve come loose or break

making here run.. this XB12S 08 model has not run for some years.. time for the owner to let us check here.. and make here ready for sale

bike has done not much km

basicly stock

exept the tail section

which is loose ;-) these fiber glas tails.. hard to tighten.. to tight you break stuf , to loose , it will come loose

anyway.. new batttery needed , old one out

the passenger pegs where removed. the original bolt put back in

i will tighten the nuts from the top , so the battery tray is fixed

light tighten on the tail section screws

contact ... only 8382 km on here

one of the down sides of long periodes standing still.. switches can corrode , in this case the neutral switch needs replacement.. not needed to make it run

bleehh the fuel smells like paint stripper , i will pump this out

airbox of

with drain hose connected to the fuel line, pumping the old fuel out..

and baseplate loose .. for the first time in here life

fresh fuel in

no oil visible.. i bet it is all in the engine case.. first start up to bring back the oil , before i fill it

with a push of the button.. she is running... and runnign sweet given the stock exhaust and old firmware

oil is comming back up — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

wrong kind of wax used ? the black covers need some attention

bearings check

rust on the belt and pully. on the teeth it will come of riding

bearings are ok

just a little plastic reconditioner on the covers. make a world off differance

bike can be seen in our work shop if you are interested

it is a nice 2008 XB12S

with very little km done