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23-11-2017 Uly big check up , uly trouble shooting

11-1-2018 - 23-11-2017 Buell XB12X big check up, Buell XB12X trouble shooting,

nice Uly in for service and upgrade suspention

as i find the engine running high idle.. a quick check intake seals are leaking

while it is warm, draining the oil

and removing the covers

screw missing .. will put a new one in

and check the clutch cable and breahter hose for leaking ... this is allot.. can also be a sign off not getting warm during commuting

clutch cable and boot look ok..

grrr... lucky this one is not corroded tight .. hard to get to the lower screw because the exhaust

right spoiler piece off to change the oil filter

customer asked to check the exhaust leaking..

mnnn clamps half way up are corroded tight.. ok take the complete off

trying if there is room in the clamps to tighten further

not really ... still the pipe has even play in the mufler

the micron is easy.. removing the front pipe... header nuts.. first tighten , than loosen.. using a little wd40 helps

2 down

10 o clock apointment.. been a long travel.. bike has to low , and runs bad..

ok opening the airbox... i can do all i want but the piston rings are gone... to much oil in the airbox... customer left the bike behind for top end overhaull

ok with the other Uly... front pipe off you see it has been loose and rattling

rear wheel check

bearings are ok

primairy chain needed to be tensioned

engine supported and removing the front engine mount bolt

moving up top side... airfilter removal.. i change this one to .. paper filter , buell racing.. has become heavy from dirt and oil

disconneting all under the airbox

wear marks because netting was pulled back to much

engine down.. and rear header pipe off.. you see vibration wear.. pipe has been loose in the mufler ratteling . wearing out the pipe

intake manifold off

while we are here.. change the sparkplugs .. combining things ona big service is easy

rubbing spark plug wires , best to be replaced

intake seals replaced

and new plugs in

new vacuum cap on the port . the old one was dried out

the old one was getting dry cracks

the exhaust clamps... not much room for improvement... can not clamp these any harder , i put some new ones on

mounting paste.. on the pipe end.. to help seal

and header pipe in the mufler tighening the new clamp

engine up and tightening the front engine mount

and mounting the front header pipe

and tightening the HD clamp

flat jack under the rear.. to get the weight off the shock

pressure can holder loose

lower bolt loose

and shock loose

int he press to get the spring off

new progressive spring on.. and back in the bike

mounting bolts.. tighten with the shock on operating position

conneting the electics under the airbox

stack on

i trow this one away and mount a new K&N filter

rubbing wires marks from the seat.. i will pull these down a little

front end , wheel out

forks out..

use some isolating tape to protect the cap nuts

a uly thing.. the lower part off the slider will never see any action... and corrosion can happen here.. no problem... but when you take the forks apart you will damage the seals if you don't clean this

spot the diferance ?

oil level Uly.. i do this one with spring.. about 10-13 mm to the top :-)

indexing the rebound adjuster

with the rebound set to max ( closed ) turn on the cap with needle and bottom it out.. than screw the counter nut up to lock

1 heavy end. 1 light end how to go in ?

half the fork is unsprong weight.. heavy part up reduses the unsprong weight , i don't think i will ever notice .. but i do it anyway ;-)

caps still pristiene

with the forks out.. easy check the ground wires on the steering head

wheel in

and caliper tight

zip ties on the clutch cable boot to protect from spray comming on

little details...

changing the brake fluid

changing the brake fluid

during test ride i hear the familiar horn rattle ( low rpm )

you see where it toughes the flyscreen on the inside

little different mounting and it is rattle free