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9-4-2015 Uly time, TPS sensor, Big service

10-4-2015 - Uly tps sensor, Airbox removed , to get to the tps sensor


Uly tps sensor, the 2007 model has a different sensor than all others , usualy marked with 2 red dots.


Uly tps sensor, hot hot hot , no fun job when the enigine is hot , spanner size 7mm.


Uly tps sensor, new sensor on , best to rotate the sensor to its place, and start with the bottom crew , check and set tps.


Uly service, a other daily driver.


Uly service, check your battery connections, as the battery vibrates the connections can come loose.


Uly service, customer complained running on 1 cylinder in rain , check intake seals...there ok.


Uly service, check spark plug cables.


Uly service, with a little watter spray... yep... that is the one .. bike started right away running on 1 cylinders, will replace this one.


Uly service, customer told me he had a mishap just short before he brought the bike... did not notice the crack in the foot peg support plate.


Uly service, side stand can use some lubrication.


Uly service, drain while hot , gearbox and engine oil.


Uly service, crush washers ? i will put the standard O-ring back on.


Uly service... need to adjust the clutch ?? will it break or not ?


Uly service, lucky , cleaned and lubed it.


Uly service, belt in good condition.


Uly service, as are the wheel bearings.


Uly service, with 60000 + km , last pad change.. will need a new disk the next time.


Uly service, lubircating the slide pin, so the caliper douse not bind.


Uly service, new pads on , wil take some time to bed in , due to the ware on the disk.


Uly service, front spark plug heavy corroded connection.


Uly service, fresh one in , will replace the cable from the top side , easier.


Uly service, airbox open, when the bike has been crashed, some breather spuwing is normal, will clean it up, it this was due to ware on the piston rings , it would been collecting some where else.


Uly service, front plug wire... nasty.


Uly service, base plate cleaned, airfilter cleaned and re charged with oil.


Uly service, front end service, wheel bearings are perfect... but need to clean the legs before i change the oil.


Uly service, oil level uly with spring !! 
don't have to look in the books... know it by hard, and tested on my own Uly... 
almost full , ( will give a more progressive feeling while breaking ) customer will like this.


Uly service, will put some new pads in the front.


Uly service, clutch lever broke.. i had a nice one for the customer from the parts donation box , heat up the handguard screws before you even try... the loctite off factory will make you scew up the philips head screw.


Uly service, clutch lever had become a "short" version , but you see the crash has also made the hole oval.


Uly service, replacement lever on, from the parts donation box ( parts left here from customers after repair )


Uly service, new end plug.


Uly service, brake fluid change... if you wonder how the brake fluid come to the wrong side off the compensation membrame, the brake fluid is nasty stuff and will sweat throught the rubber.


Uly service, las things, as i noted the fron indicators did not work.. customer has mounted new ones, but the terminals are to small to have a good connecton in the bike plugs.. will put some new terminals on ... test ride :-0.