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14-6-2014 Buell XB12X 06, 1125R, XB12X 08.

21-5-2015 - Buell XB12X, 2006, small service. Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service. Buell Xb12X, 2008 replaced tire right away.

 xb12X, 2006, small service, change oil filter.


xb12X, 2006, small service, just little things you check , noticed one off the belt tensioner nuts was stripped, i will put a new one on.


xb12X, 2006, small service, belt check for cracks and ware.


xb12X, 2006, small service, rear wheel bearings and rear brake still good to go.


xb12X, 2006, small service, new nut.


xb12X, 2006, small service, checking and adjusting primairy chain tension.


xb12X, 2006, small service, and check it the shift lever bolts are still tight.


xb12X, 2006, small service, check battery connections.


xb12X, 2006, small service, while pushing the bike i noticed scraping sound on the front disk , you see the ware pattern, inside.


xb12X, 2006, small service, and here more even, all signs for a warped disk, as the customer will go on a long trip heavy packed... will replace the disk.


xb12X, 2006, small service, pinch bolt loosened and axle loose.


xb12X, 2006, small service, front wheel out and new disk mounted.


xb12X, 2006, small service, wheel back in, new brake pads , and tighten the caliper to 50NM ( blue loctite )


xb12X, 2006, small service, lower fender back on, i use some low strenght loctite, just to hold, and protect for corrosion, as these can be a pain to loosen.


xb12X, 2006, small service, replace brake fluid, always clean the compensating membrame,


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service and rear tire.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, rear pads almost gone, when you use the rear brake allot they will wear out fast ( as the surface is small ).


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, belt check.. still looks ok.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, new tyre as the old one is almost gone.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, new rear pads, always fiddly to hook in the springs.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, diagnostics for the error message.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, so basic check, remove the tail section to have a look at the relais, this was not the problem, as the error is not really important, and the customer did not want me to put allot off time in this, i switched off the function in the ecm.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, i really don't like loose grips... will glue it on.


Buell 1125R, 2009, Small service, after oil change heating up to check the level.


Buell Xb12X, 2008... customer came by for information, as i walked around his bike... i could not let him leave with this rear tire, so replaced it right away.