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XB9r in for service , XB12 shifter , XR1200 HPA bo

14-6-2016 - XB9r in for service , XB12 shifter , XR1200 HPA box

first love... mine personal one is rebuild and customized completly, some times nice to see a very well kept original bike... 47000 km done, still looks like new

i don't think this bike has ever seen rain 

stock exhaust , coating still good , don't mind the wet spot as i'm draining the oils

oil lines polished up

even the front pully is nice

bike had a little mishap, and we need to replace this for the customer

a soft tought down , but still left some marks

ok on with the service, primairy chain.. still perfect

yes even the brake caliper is cleaned 

checking the wheel bearings , removing the lower belt cover

axle out and lift the bike , so you can take the wheel out

these are the bearing from the recall back in 2003 .. some times i don't know as i harldy see a Xb wheel bearing make it more than 30000 km , these are in 45000 km and still good

so wheel back in axle to tq

foot peg replacement , clip off the pivot

and push the pivot out with a drift , so you don't have to look for the spring 

or hold the spring in with you thumb

brake pedal off

and cotter pin out

brake pedal in place and push in the new foot peg , holding the spring in with your thumb

front spark plug from below

under the seat... freaking clean

the booths off the sparkplugs where pulled down to much, the connector will not "click" and make solid connection

with a pair off needle noose pliers pull the booth back and "click"the cable on the plug , and than pull the booth down

front wheel bearings check.. same story.. .still good

so wheel back in and axle to tq specs

load the supenstion a few time , and than fasten the axle pinch bolts , and than mount the front slider

need to replace the front brake lever, for the little mishap

and replace the front indicator

new one in

there are left and right ones... you can see this by locating the hole , this should be mounted to the ground

just little things, noticed this one to the customer, the switch wires run out side the frame

while they sould be on the inside//. looks cleaner like this

brake fuild change

and rear to

heating up the oil to do the final oil check

this customer always amaizes me , to take so much care for the bike

Xb crash repair... no shifty up anymore, i think one off the mechnisme fingers is missing a spring..

wo opening up the cover


yep shifter is not in the correct position

need to take the clutch off to get to the shifter , clutch pulling plate out to uncover the mainshaft hub nut

for xb, if the nut is loose you can pull out the clutch hub with plates and all

and with a little fideling with the chain you can leave the front sprocket on and take the clutch basket out

you see the upper shifter pal is not in position

the crash on the shifter pushed the lever over the notch

back in position and tighened the hinge again so it has smooth action but not to much play

testing the gears.. all fine

so clutch back on , put the ring correctly on the nut.. wrong way threads. little red loctite on the axle

and cover back on, i use some loctite on these screws.. seen theme come loose during racing.. after that i always use loctite on these

XR1200 in for oil change and HPA box

oil drain plug is located between the frame pipes

little request remove the passengers pegs and mount a exhaust bracket

oil filter change.. less mess with a oil gutter cut from a old oil bottle

hpa mounting , 4 screws out that hold the cover and pull the cove roff

remove the front and rear tank bolts

and unscrew the airfilter screws

old airfilter out

preping the HPA box with the breather hoses from the stock box

with the suplied velocity stack for the hpa box you need to make the breathers a little higher with the longer hose suplied

filter on ... nice