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14-10-2016 M2 bigbore, XB12X broken throttle shaft

28-10-2016 - 14-10-2016 Buell M2 bigbore kit, Buell Ulysses XB12X broken throttle shaft

test drove the uly from yesterday... and she is fine now... happy to see here owner again 

start up X1 top rebuild

she is running, but rough.. lets heat cylcle here a few times first ... for now cool down 

M2 bigbore, last check for dyno ... oil hose to the filter is leaking... i had my suspisions on this one... the crimp on the rubber is to loose , ( or the hose inside gave away ) 

as i want the remove the brace on the technoflex suspention i take the load off the suspention

with the brace out the way, i can better get to the fitting, use a spanner also to hold the fitting on the oil pump down 

and unscrew the other end front the oil filter chamber at the front 

it is leaking between the crimp and the pipe for the An fitting

other hose , some hydrolic loctite on the NPT fitting and crew it back in the oil filter housing 

as i felt the fitting on the oil pump was also a little loose, i refit this one as well 

the hose needs to make strange bends with the technoflex push suspention

tighen with 2 spanners 

it did not loose allot off oil , but running it, and see the oil is returning

and set to level , half way on the stick is high enough, anything higher will blow out the head breathers anyway

she is running very nice 

on the dyno... and make some runs

uly throttle not responding... quick look in the airbox. yep throttle shaft broke ( screw is recovered 

the throttle cam is sticking out half way

looking under the airfilter baseplate... i now know way it has been blowing out the gaskets 

as they tried fix it with silicone , to get here home... but with a blocked off breather is will blow out anything

so rotating the engine down... pully cover off 

nice remus... enough room to make a short cut and use a tire iron and some wood blocks to support the engine 

engine down and removing the throttle body 

taking of the broken end, with spring and nylon spring spacer 

recover the felt ring and nylon shaft bearing , remove the cable cam front the broken shaft 

on the other end. remove the TPS sensor

and try to remove the left over screw 2.5mm allen

some will not work, drill off the head off the screw

all the parts we need recovered to rebuild the throttle body 

to mount our replacement throttle shaft, we made it weber style the plate slides in the slot , much stronger than the half way cut stock ones 

positioning c-clip in the tps end slot and nylon bearing bushing on

nylon bearing in the the other end 

the new shaft in and place the felt ring in the opening 

position the butterfly back in corectly , after cleaning it ( back side will have much carbon build up ) 

little loctite on the new srews ( come with the shaft 2.5 allen key ) and screw theme in , not tight yet

nylon return spring guide back on

and put the throttle cam back on hooking in the return spring

slide the cam on the slot on the shaft and push it on , you will need to get the spring on the guide bushing so it is not jammed between the cam and the end off the bushing 

lock nut back on

and tighten this 

now tighen the butterfly screws , in closed position, check by opening the throttle is moves freely with out binding

idle speed adjsuter back in

we make the replacement the shafts for bought model tps sensors check yours to see where the pin needs to go 

this one the pin needs to go in like this ( 04-06 style tps sensor ) 

position the tps sensor half way, and trun it to the mounting holes , you will feel a little spring retention from the sensor 

in postition 

and the tps sensor screws back in... after mounting you will need to calibrate the tps to the ecm to let the ecm know where the zero ( closed position ) is

ready to be mounted back on