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8-7-2016 XB top end overhaul, 1125R 1600 km inspec

23-8-2016 - 8-7-2016 Buell XB top end overhaul, Buell 1125R 1600 km inspection

waiting on my service apointment, on with the top end overhaul , this cap is to small 

yes you can do it with a small file.. this works nicer 

deburs the ends !

orientation check piston pointing the right way 

and pressing home the pistonpin 

some rags in the hole while i mount the other sping clip , just for safety

and pushrod cover on

degreased the headgasket surface and head gasket on

new pushrod orings in the cylinder head, little lube to protect theme with mounting

cylinder head on, rear one first works best on a xb ,
press the orings over the pushtod tubes

and than push the head on to dowls

head bolts, little oil on the threads, and on the flats

and tighten the cylinder heads

1125r over from the Uk for first maintenance check

2009 bike with 1112 miles :-) there out there if you can find theme

so little running for best oil drain

big tray under the bike as the oil comes out in a big stream , left side drain plug

and loosen the right side drain plug

while it is draining, right pod cover off to check coolant level

dipstick cross threaded , i will replace this one

belt check... wheel bearings, brake... all in new condition as expected

new oil filter on, with fresh o-ring ,

and clean the left drain plug... as the running in will make some debris ( with the gearbox also running in engine oil )

as this is the first service... just checking , i take the oil strainer out

little particles inside

and some on the strainer... nothing to worry about. more disturbing the o-ring is cracked

clean out the strainer

new o-ring on the strainer

little piece first on and click the flat strainer over it

cover back on and right side oil plug back in

adding oil .. start with 2.7 liter better to add than to drain when checking ;-)

and new dip stick

moving up on the bike , battery connections still tight

little looksee under the seat... HD wire mod is not done ( charging recall ) and the map sensor is out the bracket

map sensor back on its place

coolant topped up and cover back on

refreshing brake fluid rear ... put some paper if you spil

brake fluid front fresh in

and clean the clutch fluid

and resetting the service counter

let the bike warm up 80 deg. C and leave it for 2 minutes to check the level and top it up

level set

checking the suspention.. printed the little guide we made

for the rear you need that strange thing that is in your tool kit

you need it to set the compression rear , stick it though the left air hole in the tail section ... and test ride.. bike feels like new... :-)

on with the top end xb , pushrods in

and try to keep the rockerboxes as level as possible

frame design.. or lucky ... with the engine in the right position rotated you can reach all the bolts

coil bracket and top mount back on

intake manifold on

alined with the coil bracket

electrics on injectors , green is rear

and engine can go up last time

exhaust under the bike and straps mounted the nice way

hooking up everything under the airbox

break in oil in the swing arm

mnn need to put these bolt on right , the long ones are in the fron holes ;-)

first start... 30 seconds idle she is running nice

not to cool here down for the next heat cycle