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8-12-2018 XB9Sx broken header studs, XB9SX

24-5-2019 - What did we do today: 8-12-2018 Buell XB9Sx broken header studs, Buell XB9SX broken stud

very nice XB9Sx front stud broke 

nice head light 

overall nice bike

looks like 2 broken studs at the front 

exhaust of 

and prepping for engine rotation , left side foot peg of 

loosen the cables left front 

engine supporte

and loosen the front mount bolt.. corroded 

moving to the top , cover of 

air filter base plate removed 

cable guide and tie rod loose , is enough to take the headers of 

as you just need to get to the rear ones 

header of

1 stud broke flush.. the other half ( that is the shitty one ) 

no nut possible

i have a stu remover 

did work.. al least i now flat , so the drill tool can be mounted 

our 11 o clock apoint ment check up and mounting Black TQ hammer exhaus

as a Rino exhaust is mounted we also need to mount the original exhaust bracket back on

so loosening the rear axle

stripping top side for spark plug change... stock air filter is still on.. way over time 

draining the engine oil 

and taking of the oil filter

tension of the belt and removing the idler pully 

much sold exhaust in Belgium.. .this one is still okish.. usualy the chin spoiler tabs are broken of and cracked on the damper bodie 

exhaust bracket mounted 

wheel bearings are done 

checking the belt ..mnnn 

cracks and wear marks 

yes, called the owner.. replace now , is better than waiting on the road service to trailer you home

so right footpeg bracket of 

and swing arm brace out

this one can be used as spare , or emergency belt

can twist it pritty small , easy to take with you 

new belt on 

side stand of

to mount the chin spoiler bracket, loctite the bolts 

pre assambel the exhaust 

and mount it on , tap the header connection a few time to get the exhaust up to line up the front mount bolt 

straps on and countour these to the bracket and exhaust

front mount bolt 

 tags on :-) 

mounting new battery 

looks good in black

turning the bike around.

checking the front wheel bearings... was needed. bearing where toast

programming the ecm. and warming up for test ride :-) 

M2 carb mounting bac

and swapping the bike around for front end service

ehhhh.. 1 bolt head rounded 

legs out for fresh oil.. was needed.

on with the header studs.. looks like the front mount has had better days.. could be the noise the customer heared engine bracking ?

anyway drill plate on 

and with cobalt bits.. drilling is easy 

retapping need to take care.. breaking a tap.. means head of and edm the broken bits out