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2-4-2016 XR1200 clutch, belt quicky XB12S

1-5-2016 - 2-4-2016 XR1200 clutch, belt quicky XB12S

xr1200 use the same clutch as the Buell Xb models .. with a little more power , the heavy bike will take it toll on the clutch , stil was one not burned yet, but started slipping onder load , primairy cover off

clutch spring tool on and remove the spring ring and seat

good thing to check and clean under the diaphrame spring debris can colect here and a build up will prevent the clutch to come free

old set out , nothing to see , but it smels burned

new clutch pack in soaked in oil for a few minutes

and pressure plate back on, make sure the spring ring seats nice

cover back on, and tq the cover down from the center spiraling out

setting the primairy chain tension

and adjusting the clutch

new spark plugs , old ones out

a little to white for my comfort, with the modification we now do , the customer will feel like he has a new bike

new plugs in gapped and a little neverseas on the threads

updating the fuel mapping

little decall from us so a HD dealer knows not to simply reflash the ecm

belt quicky , last season some cracks in the belt where noted... better safe than sorry , customer wanted it replaced

axle pinch bolt loose

and axle loose 15 turns so the belt tension is off

after about 15 turns the wheel is on the thin part off the axle , and so the belt tension is off

pulley cover off , and belt guards off