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26-1-2019 Black Xb12Sx TH XB12X troubles

17-9-2019 - What did we do today 26-1-2019: making it Black Buell X12Sx mounting Torque HAmmer exhaust . Buell Xb12X short tail troubles

pipes are back from coaters.. time to make here nice — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

new levers also added

meeehh.. 10 point for effort filing the handguard pivots smooth.. i will put a stockpivot on :-)

if you order lever from a source that is not making any difference between 6 piston and 8 piston... chec k very good for free play and cleanace.. worst case the front brake can lock up .. with the levers we suply.. no problems :-)

engine rotating down

belt tension of and idler removed

before we mount the header , stainles bolts mounted on te oil pump / cam cover

one by one works best

nice.. i love our ceramic coater.. took some time to find a good one, but this is top notch and stays black !!

pipes on and engine up

left foot peg plate back on

side stand of to mount the chin spoiler

bracket on and red loctite on the bolts

still Xmas... nice

some exhaust mounting paste ont he joints

lining up the end tip

we made our mounting strap so you can not over tighten theme.. expention bridge to compensate the heat expantion

exhaust on

tap the front slip joint with a rubber hammer.. so the pipes free the tension and tighten the clamp

stainles screws on the primairy cover

i will do some thing to the shift link to .. just make it nice

new Buell owner and new motor rider.. with good taste.. imported this uly , asked us to check here up

S tail fitted.. i think i will advice to go for a Li-ion battery to have more room under the seat

as a ecm strapped under the seat.. is not realy a good idea

and the unprotected loose wire loom als ready showed some rubbing markings

any way , make here run first , air box of for plug change , breather hese need to cross each other , now they where blocked bended double

plug are soaked.. and gas smells very bad

the common errors

intake leak test the ego drops to 54 .. sign of leaking intake seals

and the oil mess behind the rear cylinder tells me the rocker box gaskets are also leaking

critical front exhaust hanger bolt is missing.. broken headers / studs ahead

welded mounting clamp .. did only hold because the hanger bolt is not mounted

the douse not want to go in the rain problem , rubbed trough spark plug cable

i think we change the front gaskets to

the mess on the rear one

intake seals.. hard and leaking ( bolts where also loose

as suspected old orange seals

will clean up the mess in the rear some

the upgraded black seals are stiffer.. these seal much better

front one ready to go back on

XB12Sx top side connected

and airbox monted

will use some nice black screws for the cover

gas mask was asked to be mounted

not really happy yet , think it needs some glue to stay open up around the lenses

no fender anymore but fork leg protectors. like this

or like this .. naah .. need to paint theme black

rear is some what mangeled..

plate bent back wards and hit the tyre as result

removing the bracker

in need of some hammering

looks better like this, and works allot better