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18-3-2016 Uy finish, XR1200X stage 1 kit

1-5-2016 - 18-3-2016 Uy finish, XR1200X stage 1 kit, , XB fuel problem ?

front tire was the last for this Uly... quicky.. wheel out


new tyre on and back in

fenders on and tighen everything... test ride

very XR1200X in for a stage 1 kit

after removing the airfilter, i noticed the breather hoses are cracked by heat, happens more often when they get older , i will replace these

HPA airbox. putting back in the breather hoses

and HPA filter back on

removing some heavy metal.

loosening the header nuts lucky this time... only one stud came out , nothing broke

removing a other piece off heavy metal..

old conical gasket out

new stud in

and the flat exhaust gaskets in

we need to remove the flanges and c-clips from the stock exhaust

and positioning the new headers , leave theme a little loose

connecting pipe and brackets on

seat off to remove the rear exhaust mount ( is in the way for the new exhaust

seat back on

and carbon steel race muffler on


o2 sensors back in

and hook up the o2 sensor connectors

with or with out... proud to be load ... removing the Db killer

updating the fuel mapping, heating here up a little , and take here out for a test ride , i really have a nice job

XB12SSt , after winter storage the bike stuters and douse not have power, on the throttle... the bike was stored with a almost empty fuel tank.. as the stutter becam much wors when i made a sharp left turn i suspect dirty fuel . watter in the fuel

first check if the pumping pressure is ok, as the bike idles fine, but will not make power under load , airbox off

need to cut the tps sensor ziptie to remove the fuel line connector

testing stuff on the bike.. fuel pressure is good, and holding.

ok test to see if there is any contamination in there ? not really

ok left foot peg off and making reay to drain the fuel tank , as watter is heavy it will collect in the bottom