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3-6-2016, Ulysses, wheels, XB ground problems

9-7-2016 - 3-6-2016, Ulysses, wheels, XB ground problems, cylinder removal

omg... Uly invasion :-) and there where 4 more in our shop... gotta love theme 

2e try powder coating , last time we ( customer and me ) where not inpressed by the work, so asked the coater to do it again... looking better now 

front looks nice to 

so pressing in the bearings brake disk side first 

2010 wheel , leaves a little space over for the dust seal 

pully side ( the side with the double bearing ) spacer in first

and press the bearings in 

the dust seals can be pushed in with the same stamp you use for the bearings 

and front wheel bearings in 

tyres on... and back to the customer to finish his project 

leaking seal bike from yesterday, did a little idle hick up with fan action... will check the grounds first as the bike also starts hard , side rails off as this is a gound conductor

ground cables off 

and the 2 screws in the tail section 

had a good idea these where not cleaned after painting... as these are ground conducting parts leaving paint on, can cause strange things 

front ends cleaned the paint off —

side pice back on and added a bolt to secure the ratteling battery box ( after removal off the passengers pegs , nothing was put in to hold the battery try )

and do do the same for the right side 

i check the iac anyway , as it did trow a error code

will clean up the idle air channel ,

cycled the actuator a few times , seams to work ok

iac back on, and warming up to see if the problem re-ocures ... and test ride... she runs very nice now 

Uly break down.. got the ok from the customer for repair, so front cylinder removal to be send off to the machine shop to bore and hone oversize

rocker cover off 

and start the rocker box with the 1/4 bolts to loosen

and evenly loosen the 4 big bolts 

bumpsticks out 

head bolts loose... the 2 long one are heavely corroded 

work smarter not harder... head bolts are tight, with a extention you can make more force controlled

this bike is really not my friend... need to fight to many bolts , 1/2 socket slipped over the head... needed to hammer on a 12mm 12 point go get some grip 

will not reuse these 

head off , looks good 

even the piston rings look good, but boring oversize really do bought cylinders

cylinders off ... partk the bike for the time bying , mount the V-brace on 

and strap the tie rod to the v-brace frame , the case will hang sturdy and you can use the side stand