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13-5-2015 Xb small service, refitting exhaust.

16-5-2015 - Xb12 Small service, done allot off km in half a year


Xb12 Small service, drain the oil while hot, use some protection not the let the oil run into the exhaust .


Xb12 Small service, while the engine was running to heat up the oil, i could here the primairy chain make lost off noise , and it is way to loose.


Xb12 Small service, belt checking, will do until the next tire change.


Xb12 Small service, bearings are still ok.


Xb12 Small service... mhee.. no terminal used to hook up the navigation, stripped wire under the screw... will make a nice eye led on it.


Xb12 Small service, nice pointy front tyre, will put a fresh one on.


Xb12 Small service, front bearings still ok , fresh rubber, good to go , fasten the caliper bolts a little before you put the front axle in , the caliper will not bang to the spokes.


Xb12 Small service, brake lever feels squiky , as the brake fluid was changed half year ago, this will do, as the next service wil be with in 4 months i think.


Xb12 Small service, but i will lube the pivot pin , irritating noise.


buell Xb refitting the exhaust, customer crashed his old bike, and bought a new one, but want his TQ hammer exhaust put on this bike.


buell Xb refitting the exhaust,, some exhaust system used strange mounting ways , for this the exhaust saddle was removed ( lot off people don't know this is removed )


buell Xb refitting the exhaust,, taking off the belt tension and removing the idler wheel.


buell Xb refitting the exhaust,, new bracket can be mounted the right expencive way ( drain oil and loosen the oil line )


buell Xb refitting the exhaust, or the fast way , cut a slot in the right side off the bracket so the oil line can be left alone , as this exhaust cannot be used as jacking point , the bracket will be still strong enough.


buell Xb refitting the exhaust, make a pully cover nice, when using a cosmetic cover , you can still use the original cover modified to clean up the wires / oil lines.


buell Xb refitting the exhaust,, fuel mapping updated nice ride.


buell Xb, nice one, fuel mapping update.